To curb down the cases of heart ailments, SAAOL launches its new centre in Mumbai. Making Mumbai heart attack proof, SAAOL launches its new centre.

With the motive to spread awareness about the prevention of heart diseases and possibilities of treating cardiac ailments without the need of intervention, among the people of Maharashtra, Science and Art of Living (SAAOL) opened its new center in Mumbai today.

Already having 86 centres across the country, SAAOL is one of the largest healthcare providers for preventive cardiology in India. The new centre is functional from today.

“Due to sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits, there is sudden rise in prevalence of cardiovascular disorders in India.  Everyday about 9000 people die of heart attacks – which mean one every 10 seconds. Out of them around 900 are youths below the age of 40 years. By launching a new center in Mumbai, we aim to spread awareness about the healthy lifestyle and how early treatment can prevent future complications and save many lives.  With its launch all people vulnerable to heart disease will be benefitted.  Spreading awareness about the prevention and treatment modules of cardiovascular diseases can save many precious lives.”  Said Dr Bimal  Chhajer, Founder, SAAOL Heart Center

Hospitals in India perform more than 2 lakh open heart surgeries annually and are increasing annually by 25%. But the cases of heart attacks are not going down. The surgeries done are only palliative. Educating the masses about Heart disease and its risk factors is important to eradicate the casualties from the root.

“Heart attack is born out of lack of knowledge and the effects of blockages reflect on the body only after 80%, and then need the doctors who suggest surgery or angioplasty to clear the blockage. If we know the cardiac health status, necessary steps can be taken to avoid blockages and complications.  All we need is to provide vital heart health education to the mass and ask them to follow a healthy lifestyle along with a holistic approach to eliminate heart ailments.” Added Dr. Chhajer.