Four Drug peddlers haling from Orissa arrested by Bomanahalli police,recovered 55kg,960 grams Ganja Worth Rs.28 lakhs.

The Southeast Division police of Bomanahalli police have arrested four drug peddlers who hail from Orrissa and recovered 56kg of Ganja worth Rs.28 lakhs.
The accused has been identified as,Sanjay Kumar Das,27,year old,resident of Garebhavipalya and native of Bihar,and his associates as,Chandra Prasad Sharma,45,year old,resident of Halanayakanahalli and native of Assam,Asish Rabi Das,21,resident of Jangalapalya and native of Assam,Dibakar Bisoi,20,year old resident of Jangalapalya and native of Orissa.
Cops said all the four accused who hail from Orrissa,Bihar and Assam have come to Bengaluru for studies and finding jobs but have indulged in Illegal activities they used to supply Ganja to its consumers in 10 grams sachet each by arresting these accused cops claim to have saved 5600 victims who would been targeted by these peddlers.
Meanwhile CCB Cops under the leadership of Joint CP Crime,Sandeep Patil arrested two drug peddlers and seized
35 kgs ganja from them.
Bengaluru City Police Commissioner,Bhaskar Rao,held a press conference at DCP Southeast office in koramangala,Addl CP East,S Murugan,DCP,Southeast,with ACPs as,Karibasavanagowda,somaegowda,was present at the press conference commissioner said,as on 26th September the Bomanahalli Inspector received a credible information from their informants that some person is waiting to sell ganja in Hosur Road as soon as the inspector received the information he and his crime staff rushed to the spot and zeroed in the suspect and while checking the team found 4kg 90 grams of ganja in his possession the team caught him red handed and took him to station and during the course of investigation the accused confessed the crime as he was waiting for his customers who were suppose to come and collect it from him and as the team grilled him the accused spilled the beans and based on his statement a team under the supervision of ACP,Mico layout Sub-Division,karibasavanagowda,Inspector Nagaraj and his crime staff swung into action under the able guidance of DCP,Southeast,Isha Pant,the team raided his associates house in Bomanahalli police station limits and nabbed all the three of his associates and after searching the houses the team found huge substance of drugs as Ganja in their possession the team seized 51kg ganja from the accused and when the team questioned all the accused from where they are sourcing the ganja during preliminary investigation it has revealed the accused used to get from Similigud of Orissa state they used to get by train as a passenger they used to travel and get it into suitcase and Airbags while coming in train and they used to sell it here in Bengaluru to its customers in a 10grams sachet to each they used to supply drugs near colleges and the PGs of their customers and he even said those all the four accused have come to Bengaluru on the basis of studying and doing business but they are indulging in criminal activities we will not tolerate those things we have zero tolerance and our team is continuously conducting raids as soon as they get information and we are on drive against drugs from past 2 months and yesterday night the CCB police has also  conducted raids at two places and about
35 kgs of Ganja has been seized by the team and 2 drug peddlers have been arrested.Bhaskar rao even said in coming days we will raid hostels also as we have already warned the hostel owners that many students are involved in such activities so we have told them to cooperate with us and they also are ready to join hands in curbing the drug menace and nabbing the drug peddlers as many have come to Bengaluru on the basis of studies and business purpose but many are indulged in peddling drugs and making easy money and many foreign nationals and Nigerian nationals visa and passport are also experied the foreigners some are indulged in illegal activities in peddling drugs and a drive is on to check the illegal stay of foreigners and Nigerians in the city and shortly a detention center will be opened in Sumanahalli area of Kamakshipalya in Magadi Road and all those who are staying illegally after the passport and visa expired will be deposited at newly detention center as Foreigners detention center which is in Delhi same type it will be open here shortly and we will be the second after Delhi to open the foreigners Detention centre and those foreigners or Nigerians who are overstaying after the visa expires and passport expired and those who are involved in peddling drugs will be dealt with severe action and we will inform their embassy about the same as they come here and do this activites as their is no strict punishment here as in their country the punishment is very strict and finally he said,These people are neither from karnataka nor are they Kannadigas due to the problems in Orissa they are coming here in search of jobs instead of finding work they are involved in criminal activities after catching the people from Orissa the police found 4kg drugs and after conducting interrogation the team recovered more 52kg of drugs was found in their possession.Foreigners will be delt with strict action as there’s is nothing shameful than our police force being attacked by Foreign nationals we have to take strict action against them a few of our officials expressed their helplessness they need to be dealt with very strictly and firmly.Let one of our citizens behave this way in their country they will be punished severely the reason for this all we have become very soft he added.He said his team to keep a close watch on Rich people’s parties in city where these people use Cocaine,LSD,types of drugs so I have asked the team to concentrate more on these also and raid those as these drugs are very dangerous and harmful to health so our drive will be continued and we will be having call center too and their will be Zero tolerance on drugs and peddlers as Say no to drugs and Say yes to life and finally I appreciate,Addl CP East,S Murugan,Joint CP Crime,Sandeep Patil,DCPs,as,Isha Pant,Kuldeep Kumar Jain,ACP,Mico-layout Sub-Division,MN Karibasavanagowda,PI,Bomanahalli, D.R.Nagaraj,and his staff as,Lakshman Pawar,Umesh,Shankar and Rajesh and whole CCB crime staff has been appreciated for their timely action and nabbing the drug peddlers and recovered 55kg,960 grams of Ganja from their possession and saved 5600 victims from this and the team will conduct further investigation under inspector Nagaraj about the source and who is the supplier and the team will be rewarded with some percentage of the actual value if the accused are convicted in the case and a suitable reward will be given to team for their exemplary work he added