Jharkhand Karigar Mahotsav was inaugurated on 22nd September 2019 at INA, Dilli Haat, by K.Ravi Kumar Secretary, Department of Industry, Government of Jharkhand

binod takiawala

New Delhi, 22 September 2019: Jharkhand Karigar Mahotsav and Jharkhand Diwas was inaugurated on 22nd September 2019 at INA, Dilli Haat, by K.Ravi Kumar Secretary, Department of Industry, Government of Jharkhand. After the lighting of the ceremonial lamp, Shri K. Ravi Kumar also visits the various stalls of handicraft and handloom products of Jharcraft represented by  the Karigar of  Jharkhand .  The Inauguration of Jharkhand Karigar Mahotsav 2019 and celebration of Jharkhand  Diwas was followed by a memorable Cultural evening  and chhau dance by Narayan Mahto and group here at INA Dilli Haat in Delhi

Shri k.Ravi Kumar  Secretary, Department of Industry, Government of Jharkhand said this year the exhibition cum sale of Jharkhand’s famous Handicraft and handloom are organizing here by Jharcraft, Govt. of Jharkhand   on larger scale and there are 75 stalls are exhibits here. He said that many projects have been started for the overall development of handloom, Jharcraft ,silk and khadi village weavers, which has created arrangements for employment generation by promoting production, training and marketing in this area. K. Ravi Kumar said that the objective of Jharkhand Karigar Festival is to bring the national artists and workers of Jharkhand their national identity. In the last few years, the present government has done unprecedented work for Indian workers. In this, the Mega Handloom Cluster Scheme is a very successful and profitable scheme, through which many states of India are getting success in improving the economic condition of the weavers. Development Commissioner for a backward state likes Jharkhand. The Ministry of Textiles, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India provides full support to the people of Jharkhand. Moving ahead at the venue, one spotted multi – coloured Stalls, featuring unique jharcraft products and when you turned the corner, rows of elegant jute art , and jute bags, handmade shawls, bed sheets and saris with applique work, caught everyone eyes.  visitors has  purchased ethnic lakh bangles with painting