medical-voice-for-policy-change] In the vehicle documents also add themedical documents

Dr K K Aggarwal

The Indian law mandates compulsory registration, insurance, pollution check and license of your vehicle. The same should be interpolated in the human health also.

In Japan it is compulsory to have medical insurance for everyone. In India when government is taking care of 40% of the population through Ayushman Bharat why can’t they make insurance compulsory for the others.

Also, when a person is on the road with so many mandatory papers why can’t he or she also make a few additions to these documents with them like medical insurance papers, blood group, latest update about any disease and drugs (like diabetes, seizure medicines).

Like in motor vehicle act you only need to keep an electronic format of the same. These can also be stored in your phone in any app.

RTI: That digital format papers is the only requirement

No. RT-11028/15/2017.MVL


Government of India, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MVL Section)

Transport Bhawan, 1, Parliament Street, New Delhi 110001: 19 November, 2018


To: The Director General of Police, The Principal Secretaries / The Secretaries, Department of Transport, The Transport Commissioners, of all the States/UTs.


Subject: Production of transport related documents in an electronic form-reg.


Your attention is drawn to the amendment in rule 139 of Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 in regard to the production of licence and certificates of registration made through the Notification G.S.R. 1081(E) dated 20 November, 2018.


At per the amended provision, the citizen can produce the transport related documents such as registration, insurance, fitness and permit, the driving licence, certificate for pollution under check and any other relevant documents, if required, in physical or electronic form of on demand by any police officer in uniform or any other officer authorized by the State Government in this behalf.


This would enable the use of digital platforms for carrying and verification of the documents and is a step towards citizen facilitation. In view of the above, it is requested to ensure compliance of the amendments made to rule 139 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 and make the enforcement officers aware of the new provisions 50 that citizen arc not harassed/ Inconvenienced.


Dharkat R. Luikang,  Under Secretary to the Govt. of India,, 011-23357125