Bengaluru: Textiles merchant’s murder,15-Year old Minor Daughter and her lover arrested by Rajajinagar police within 12 hours

“Very timely detection of a ghastly Crime says Bhaskar Rao apreciating DCP North,N Shashi Kumar and his team for their timely detection of this case.CoP Bhaskar Rao.
In a shocking and a gruesome murder of a 41-year old business man a industrialist Jayakumar Jain was taken place in the wee hours of Sunday morning under Rajajinagar police station limits and the cops have detected and arrested a 15 year old teenage girl and his pal a boy friend for murdering and charring her own father to death within 12 hours.
The Rajajinagar police inspector Rama Reddy with other special Invesitigation team have detected the case within 12 hours of the incident and arrested the 15 year old minor girl a teenager and his friend who has plotted the murder of the businessman.
The accused has been identified as Praveen,a 19-year-old first-year B.Com student allegedly helped his minor girlfriend to kill her father.
The deceased,has been identified as,Jai Kumar Jain,was living with his wife and children on Vatal Nagaraj Road in Rajajinagar,Bengaluru.His wife and son had reportedly gone to Puducherry to attend a family function when the murder took place.
The murder was discovered after neighbours saw smoke spewing out of their house in the city’s upscale Rajajinagar locality at 10:30 am on Sunday.The fire department was alerted and they helped douse the fire soon after.The fire had broken out in the bathroom of the multi-storeyed house.It was then,that the firefighting personnel noticed the victim’s half-burnt body lying on the floor.
He was alone at the time of the incident. His wife and younger son were away to Puducherry to attend a wedding.The girl, who came back home a little later, told the police that she had gone to have breakfast at a relative’s house but soon changed her statement and said that she came to know about the incident after returning from her morning walk.
She and her friend were arrested after a forensic and technical investigation examination confirmed the victim’s identity and the accused.
The girl cannot be identified according to the law as she is a minor.The two youngsters became close friends when the girl was in class 7 and the boy,identified as Praveen,was in class 10.They continued their friendship even after he moved to college, the two have confessed to the killing.The murdered businessman’s wife is in shock and has since returned from Puducherry.
Sources said that the girl and her pal a boy friend before somedays even been to Mumbai for a modeling photoshoot,and she was even addicted in consuming or taking drugs of high dose and was like teenage rebellion.The girl was a brilliant student who was studying in a international school and was a brilliant student but hundreds of questions raises what made her kill her own father the whole area of rajajinagar and across nation parents and many students are shocked after this incident many parents are panicked after this incident sources even said that the minor girl was planning to kill his father from past 1 month as she was dissapointed with her father for beating her so she got a chance when her mother was out of town she and her friend ghastly murdered the businessman very badly it is alleged that the accused Praveen has even threatened Jaikumar as he has kept her daughter away from meeting so he threatened him to kill if he is trying to Seperate them said sources.
It is alleged that the girl was in habit of  taking high dose substance of drugs and she was intoxicated.
The Bengaluru city police have decided to  conduct a awareness programmes in the schools and colleges to educate youths and bring awareness in them.
A detailed investigation has revealed that a couple of days ago,the deceased thrashed the girl for continuing to be friends with Praveen prompting her to plan the crime.Over time,Praveen and the minor talked about how they could take revenge for her embarrassment.Last week,when the girl’s mother and brother went to Puducherry to attend a wedding,the duo killed the deceased.Girl spiked father’s milk,slapped and stabbed him.Over the weekend,the girl spiked her father’s milk with sleeping pills and asked Praveen to come to her house.Apparently,she slapped her father several times to be sure that he had dozed off and is not conscious after confirming the two then used kitchen knives to stab the deceased and slit his throat.Later, they shifted his body to the toilet seat and tried removing bloodstains.The Duo wanted to pass it off as someone else’s crime,The teens spent several hours trying to figure out how to dispose of the body.They decided to burn the body and to make it look like someone else had entered the house and murdered him.Reportedly, the girl left home at 7 AM, purchased three bottles of water, emptied it and got it filled with petrol.Praveen thought he would escape but neighbors noticed him then revealed that around 10:30 AM,Praveen set the body on fire. Praveen suggested she should rush to the terrace and scream for help.By then, neighbors had alerted the fire control room, he added.Praveen had thought he would escape in the commotion but neighbors noticed him.When the duo was questioned grilled by the team who spilled the beans and confessed the crime when we asked her to repeat her statement slowly as first she said she went to her relatives house to have breakfast and while returning she saw the smoke and called neighbours she said first but when she was grilled by the team she revealed everything that how she and his friend murdered her father to get her freedom back to lead her life with her friend said a investigating officer.
One of the relatives told media persons that,it was that Naturally,the series of events shocked girl’s mother.On sustained interrogation,the girl broke down and said she murdered her father to get her freedom back.The fact that the deceased reprimanded her for dating and cut her phone privileges made her furious.Meanwhile,the girl’s mother has told police her daughter couldn’t have committed the crime.A relative said the mother is finding it difficult to cope with twin tragedies.He loved his daughter,Family friend remembered the deceased.Shocked with what happened, a family friend of the deceased said,I still remember attending his daughter’s first birthday at a hotel in Rajajinagar.He loved his daughter.Meanwhile, Praveen’s family said they are law-abiding citizens and he should be punished if he has committed a crime they said.
DCP North,N Shashi Kumar said,this Sunday we have got an information that one person by name Jaikumar has been found dead in bathroom in his own residence and he has suffered burnt injuries.Later it was noticed that there has been some blood stains found in the bedroom also after that we have taken up a case upon the complaint filed by the manager of Jaikumar appareals Deepak appareals which was owned by Jaikumar and in the investigation we found that his very own daughter who is studying class nine she along with her friend by name Praveen who is aged 19 years old so both of them have come together to kill the father that was revealed in the investigation and in the confession statement of the both the accused.Initially both the daughter of the accused and praveen were in friendship and they were good friends for about 4-5 years and the parents of that girl that is Jaikumar and his wife both have warned beaten up the girl asking her to not to go around with that boy so this as created a disappointment and dissatisfaction in the girl and both of them have come together to kill the deceased.Initially they have made him drink milk with the sleeping pills were added into that in the night it was on Saturday night and by about 2 o clock in the midnight both the daughter of the deceased and praveen both of them confirmed that he is at sleep and he was not conscious and assaulted Jaikumar with knives they stabbed and after that next day morning at around 7 o clock she has gone to a local petrol bunk and has bought 2 litres of petrol and burnt him in the bathroom of Jaikumar’s bedroom.So they have tried to create a picture as it is a accidental fire due to geasar burst anything of like this but there were lot blood stains other things were found in the bedroom and other parts were they have tried to clean the wipe of the blood which is on the floor they have tried to wash the clothes bed-sheeds and other things so finally we have got a clear information in the course of investigation that the girl who was the very own daughter of the Jaikumar and this boy praveen both of them have come together to commit this offence of murder and we have arrested both of them she has been produced before juvenile court and now she is in juvenile court and now she is in juvenile home and this boy has been sent to judicial custody.When reporters asked from whre did they get the sleeping pills as without prescription no medical shop gives,Shashi kumar replied by saying that yes that’s true but they may not be exactly sleeping pills but they were pills with seditive impact and we are trying to take a confirmation from the FSL and also medical certificate because in the postmortem we have collected vacina also they have got the tablets from the nearest medical store in the confession it was found and same tablets have been recovered from the bag of that girl also when reporters asked did she confessed for the first time,Shashi Kumar DCP said one thing actually she wanted to runaway with that boy which the other fellow did not agree because he happens to be the only son of the parents and next option they tried to create a incident scene as if it is a accidental fire because of the explosion in the geasar that was a second thirdly they have tried to create a atmosphere as if some outsider have come and tried assaulting and killing the deceased and they have put some petrol on their hands and feet also and tried burning themselves with a ready bucket filled with water nearby and they have tried to create a atmosphere as if they have tried to save the person but injuries recovered in the postmortem and also other circumstances and also other technical evidences which we have got clearly establishes this two have done the offence when asked is it a pre-planned,Shashi Kumar said,It appears to be pre-planned because that girl has bought the tablets a day before as per our investigation so Saturday Midnight was the incident and Sunday morning it was found so on Friday only she has bought the tablets one Saturday only they have committed the offence they have tried to shift the body and throw it somewhere else in the form of garbage or something but that was not possible to lift because it was very heavy and they thought taking in a two wheeler would attract lot of dogs and other things because it is blood filled things so finally they have tried to create a scene of incident as if it is a accidental fire.When asked where were the family members he said her wife and the other son of the deceased they have gone to Pudducherry or pondichery for some social event both the deceased and the daughter of the deceased dropped the lady and the son of the lady to the Yeshwanthapur Railway Station he added.
Senior officer said,A 41-year old man named Jai Kumar was found dead in his house in Rajajinagar police station limits immediately DCP,North,N Shashi Kumar,ACP,Dhananjaye with Rajajinagar police inspector Rama Reddy with other inspectors and his crime staff with forensic experts with sniffer dog rushed to the spot and the area was cordorned of at the crime scene by the team after inspecting the spot his body was found in the bathroom.When the team asked about their family members neighbours said that his wife and son were in Puducherry at the time of the incident his daughter was with him in Bengaluru.We found the body in a completely charred state in the bathroom we have also found blood stains in the bedroom and the bed we have also found some other evidence which clearly points that this was a murder.During the course of investigation the team got some crucial evidence so they quizzed her daughter for Invesitigation she told us that she had left the home around 8.30 am and that she had come back home after sometime she said she had gone to a relatives house for breakfast but that she back because her leg was paining she is saying that she reached home at 10.30 am when she returned she noticed smoke coming from the bathroom and alerted the neighbors she said.The Rajajinagar cops formed a special team led by DCP North N Shashi Kumar under the supervision of ACP,Dhananjaye and able leadership of Rajajinagar Inspector Rama Reddy to crack the case the team grilled the minor and with the technical inputs and evidence the team has successfully cracked the case and found that the victim’s daughter was the killer her lover who has been identified as Praveen also helped her in committing the crime they have confessed to have committed the crime and both have been arrested and they were produced in the different courts as the minor girl was produced in juvenile court and was sent to juvenile home and her friend a pal was produced before the magistrate and has been remanded to judicial custody by the court and a case has been registered in Rajajinagar police station and further investigation is on to ascertain the motive behind the murder what made a minor girl to take this step and kill his own father in a gruesome manner and finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner,Bhaskar Rao,has appreciated Addl CP West,Umesh,DCP North,N Shashi Kumar,ACP,Malleswaram Sub-Division,Dhananjaya,PIs,as,Rama Reddy,Sadanand,Prashanth,Lohit and other crime staff  who has done a exemplary work and a very timely detection of a ghastly Crime he added.
While Praveen was reportedly remanded in judicial custody, the minor was sent to a juvenile home.