LIBERTY Shoes join hands with renowned singer & lyricist PIYUSH MISHRA

varun bhatia

New Delhi, 8th August ‘2019


Freedom is the Right of choice and Liberty is Right to choose.

Today, do we even realize what Independence means? Is the definition limited to getting out of your homes and travelling to any part of the country or probably holding a peaceful gathering in an open playground and expressing your opinions? More importantly, is freedom restricted to providing your fundamental rights as a citizen? Freedom has come down to a plastic celebration these days.

Liberty, a brand to reckon with is the synonym of freedom that describes the quality or the state of being Independent and Free.

Considering the reality of today, Liberty has come with an action rather than a solution to evoke the sense of urgency and seriousness amongst the audience. IN THE NAME OF LIBERTY is Liberty’s initiative to exemplify the current scenario. They took examples from everyday life like racism, Gender inequality, Disrespectful behaviour towards women that we encounter and choose to ignore. It’s not the actions we blame, but also the mindset we carry.

To showcase this above mentioned agenda, Liberty Shoes has shot an in-house production, a short film and to express its voice, renowned singer and lyricist Piyush Mishrahas joined hands with Liberty for the campaign. The strong and subtle music is given by the Indian Ocean band. The expression and execution is led by Mr. Barun Prabhakar, Marketing Head who believes in the concept of visualising the current scenario and changing the mindsets through self realisation. He says” there lays a very slight difference, a very thin line between using and miss-using our freedom in the name of Liberty but the impact of this is vast.”
We are planning to expand the visibility of this initiative through digital media and Cinema. As the responsible brand of the country Liberty came with the initiative to be the change they want to see because Freedom is a right and Liberty is a conscious effort.

We would be calling you for your support on the same in terms of relevant posts and interaction with the Marketing Head of this campaign, Mr. Barun Prabhakar.