Karnataka Assembly floor test : Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar adjourns House till 10 am,gives deadline to finish trust vote by 6 pm on Tuesday

Highlights of Climax of KAR’NATAKA’.
* After much furore and high-voltage drama in the state Assmebly, the Speaker adjourned the House just before the clock hit midnight on Monday.He directed HD Kumaraswamy to prove majority in the Assembly by today 6 pm.
* Senior Congress leader and former Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah reiterated, Today we will finish the floor test after some of our members speak.By 4 PM today we will finish the discussion,by 6 PM we will finish the floor test.
* Before the adjournment,the Speaker has said that the session could continue till 10 or 11 pm while BJP leader and Leader of Opposition BS Yeddyurappa could be heard saying that his MLAs don’t mind sitting in the House till 12 am.Yeddyurappa has said that it would be the last day of the Kumaraswamy government.
* The fate of the Karnataka government remained uncertain even on the third day of the debate on the confidence motion moved by HD Kumaraswamy.
* Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar adjourned the proceedings till 10 am on Tuesday, saying that the floor test will be conducted by 6 pm on Tuesday.
* The Supreme Court is also set to hear on Tuesday the plea of two Independent MLAs seeking holding of the floor test ‘forthwith’.
* The house was adjourned twice,once for more than two hours in the evening amid much slogan shouting.The slogan shouting continued even after it reconvened and the exasperated Speaker was heard saying that they could continue till 10 pm,11 pm.
* Amid the chaos,Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy distributed copies of what he claimed was a fake letter of resignation that was being circulated by his political rivals.
* The leaders Siddaramaiah and Kumaraswamy had said that the voting will happen today.I am here till even 12 am.We will listen to everyone.We expect the vote at the end of it,said state BJP chief BS Yeddyurappa,who earlier expressed confidence that today will be the last day of the Kumaraswamy government.
* The BJP has accused the government of dragging out its final days using lengthy speeches in the assembly to delay a floor test it is certain to lose after 18 exits.The coalition has accused the BJP of trying to draw away lawmakers to seize power.
* Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar earlier indicated that the trust vote will be held today,saying he wishes to stick to his word and asked the lawmakers to cut short their speeches.I want to stick to my word.Let’s wrap up the speeches soon,said the Speaker,who earlier nudged the coalition government to hold the test of strength today.
* There were reports that the Speaker had asked the rebel lawmakers of the Congress-Janata Dal Secular alliance to be present in the assembly by 6 pm. The lawmakers,who have stationed themselves at a Mumbai hotel,said they would not attend the assembly under any circumstances.
* Congress troubleshooter DK Shivakumar told reporters that he was trying to convince the rebels to comply with the party whip.Whatever BJP wants and whatever these members want,the rebels will suffer in the end.They will be disqualified.100% the constitution provides for this.No one can save them he told reporters at Vidhana Soudha.
* On Friday, no trust vote could be held despite two deadlines from Governor Vajubhai Vala. The house was adjourned after marathon speeches by Mr Kumaraswamy and a few other coalition leaders.
* Two Independent legislators who have withdrawn support to the Congress-JDS government urged the Supreme Court to order a floor test.The court may take up their petition tomorrow.HD Kumaraswamy and the Congress have also moved the top court,accusing the governor of interfering with the assembly proceedings when the debate on the trust vote was underway and sought clarification on its July 17 order, which they said,stopped them from issuing a whip to the legislators.
* Sixteen legislators –13 from the Congress and three from JDS –resigned in the last two weeks,and two independent legislators withdrew support to the coalition government.Congress rebel Ramalinga Reddy appears to have returned.But Srimanth Patil,a Congress legislator,made his way to Mumbai.He hasn’t resigned and says he is unwell.
* The ruling coalition received miniscule relief when Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati directed her party’s lone legislator in Karnataka,N Mahesh,to support it.
* The coalition had 118 members in the 224-member assembly.If the resignations of the 15 legislators who approached the Supreme Court are accepted,the government will be left with 101 members. With the support of the two independents, the opposition BJP has 107 legislators, which is two more than the majority mark of 105.
After yet another day-long debate, the Karnataka Assembly was adjourned for the day on Monday without the trust vote that has been the bone of contention between the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the state government led by Congress-JDS coalition. Turning down Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy’s request for more time before the floor test, Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar told the CM to prove his government’s strength in the House by 6 pm today.
The fate of the Congress-JD(S) government remained uncertain even on the third day of the debate on the confidence motion moved by Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy.
After the ruling parties and BJP locked horns to debate on the motion,Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar adjourned the proceedings till 10 am on Tuesday.By 6 pm tomorrow (Tuesday), the floor test will be done he said.
Right from the time when the proceedings began,Kumar repeatedly reminded the government to honour its commitment to complete the trust process Monday itself.
As the House resumed its sitting after an hour’s delay in the morning, the Speaker made it clear,Everybody is watching us. Please don’t make me a scapegoat.Let us reach our goal,” stressing that the process should reach finality Monday.
Kumaraswamy had moved the confidence motion on Thursday to decide the fate of the Congress-JD(S) government, rocked by rebellion by a section of its MLAs threatening its survival.
The debate on the confidence motion prolonged to Friday, with the ruling coalition defying the two deadlines set by Governor Vajubhai Vala to complete the process by 1.30 pm on Friday and later by the end of the day.The proceedings were adjourned till Monday after the Speaker extracted a commitment from the government that the process would be completed by Monday itself.
It will not bring respect to the House or to me,” the Speaker made his position clear, implying that the trust vote should not be delayed further, amid reports that the ruling coalition had sought two more days time for voting.
We are in public life.People are watching. In the name of discussion, if an opinion is created that we are wasting time, it won’t be right on my part or anybody else’s he said.
The Congress’ position was stated during the debate on the confidence motion by senior Minister Krishna Byre Gowda, who said that taking up the voting without the Speaker’s decision on the resignation issue would leave the confidence motion process without any sanctity.
We are in an extraordinary situation.I request the Chair to decide on the resignation first.Or else,it will (confidence vote)will have no standing,Gowda said, as the debate on the trust vote dragged on for the third day.
Is the resignation voluntary and genuine. Aren’t they against democracy? he asked.
Mounting an attack on the BJP-led government at the Centre,Gowda charged that there was a systematic effort to eliminate the political opposition in the country and the operation in Karnataka by BJP was part of such an attempt.
Alleging that there was an undeclared emergency in the country,Gowda told the BJP the blood of democracy is on
your hands.He also appealed to the rebel lawmakers to reconsider their stand.
The BJP suspects that the voting is being delayed by the Congress-JD(S) government only to buy time to win back the rebel MLAs, whose resignations have pushed it to the precipice.
Earlier, the governor had shot off two missives to the chief minister, setting deadlines on Friday to conclude the proceedings, expressing fear that the delay only gives rise to the scope for horse-trading.
Senior BJP leaders Jagadish Shettar and Madhuswamy told the Speaker that the business on confidence motion should be completed Monday itself and the debate should not be dragged on endlessly. The Speaker also on Monday gave a ruling that a legislature party leader has the right to issue a whip.
Issuing whip is your right.Following them is left to the MLAs.If any complaint comes to me,I will follow rules and take a decision, Kumar told Congress Legislature Party leader Siddaramaiah,who had raised a point of order on the issue of whip in the light of the Supreme Court order last week.
When the confidence motion was moved on Thursday last,Siddaramaiah had pressed for deferring it till the Speaker decided on the issue of whip in the wake of the apex court’s verdict on the political crisis in the state.
Siddaramaiah had said that the 15 ruling coalition rebel MLAs were influenced by the apex court order that they can abstain from attending the Assembly proceedings and asked the Speaker to give a ruling on the fate of the whip issued by him as CLP leader.
If this motion is taken up,then it will not be constitutional.It violates the constitutional provisions I request you to defer it.I want your ruling on this point of order, Siddaramaiah had told the Speaker.
Seeking to exert pressure on the government,BJP asked Kumaraswamy to resign and go if he has faith in the Constitution and people of the state. The BJP said Kumaraswamy himself moved the confidence motion, but the trust process was still prolonging.
Earlier,during Monday’s session,Kumar took a dig at the politics of defection in Karnataka.I am worried about the people of Karnataka who have voted them to power.They will be left without an MLA.If the ruling party has documentary evidence, please submit it to me.If you do not have, then I’ll have to expunge it from the records,he said.
Senior Congress leader and former chief minister Siddaramaiah also said that while it is up to the Speaker to take a call on the confidence motion, his party has also filed a petition in the Supreme Court in the matter.
The House was adjourned for 10 minutes around 6.30 pm,but reconvened only after about two hours.During the adjournment, the Speaker held two meetings one with BJP and JD(S) members and another with Kumaraswamy,his deputy G. Parameshwara and other Congress-JD(S) members in his chamber.
After the House reconvened, Kumaraswamy claimed that a fake resignation letter forged with his signature was doing rounds on social media.I got information that I have tendered my resignation to the governor. I don’t know who is waiting to become chief minister. Someone has forged my signature and has spread the same on social media. I am shocked. It is a cheap tactic of politics.”
A while back,Kumar also snapped at the Congress-JD(S) MLAs,who were raising slogans,Save the Constitution in Vidhana Soudha.I am ready to sit till 12 pm.Why are you doing like this?This is not right.
SC to hear plea of two Independent MLAs tomorrow:
The Supreme Court will hear on Tuesday a fresh plea of two Independent Karnataka MLAs,R Shankar and H Nagesh seeking holding of the floor test “forthwith”in the state Assembly on the trust motion moved by Kumaraswamy.
A bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi on Monday declined to hear during the day the plea.On mentioning, the matter is taken on board.List the matter tomorrow (Tuesday) before the appropriate bench as per the roster,the bench, also comprising Justices Deepak Gupta and Aniruddha Bose,said in its order.
Discussion of Assembly Proceedings :
Why HD Kumaraswamy wants to delay floor test in Karnataka Assembly:
Karnataka Speaker declined HD Kumaraswamy’s request to postpone the floor test on his government to allow the Supreme Court to pass a verdict on his petition seeing clarification on the government’s right to issue whips to the rebel MLAs.
If the floor test continues as scheduled on Monday,he is poised to lose it as his government slumped into a minority since the resignations of the 16 MLAs in the first week of July. On the other hand, if the trust vote is delayed and the Supreme Court allows the Congress and JD(S) to issue whips to their rebel MLAs, it may make them withdraw their resignations for fear of disqualification.
I will have to pass ruling today,’ says Speaker ahead of floor test:
As the proceedings of the Karnataka Assembly got underway on Monday, Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar said that the BJP delegation had approached him and requested that the trust vote be held as per scheduled.I will have to pass a ruling today.
Speaker urges MLAs to ‘maintain dignity’ of Assembly,warns against stalling tactics:
Karnataka Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar began the House’s proceedings by addressing the MLAs and urged them to make sure the dignity of the Assembly is kept alive in their speeches on Monday.
These are times that stalling tactics are being used.It harms the image of Assembly,Speaker and also the image of you as MLAs,he said.Do not make me a scapegoat by delaying proceedings,he added.
BJP MLAs push for conclusion of floor test as coalition partners seek clarity on issuing whips:
JD(S) MLA,Shivalinge Gowda said that the rebel MLAs being allowed to camp in Mumbai felt like it was against the Supreme Court’s order.
Meanwhile,BJP MLAs Jagadish Shettar and Madhuswamy said that a time frame should be fixed for the trust vote and it should not be delayed by debate and discussion.
The Speaker responded to this and said, You have been a speaker and leader of opposition.We need to discuss all these points (about the vote of confidence). What I am saying is,instead of me telling you to wrap up,you honour the commitment we have made.
Karnataka Speaker says ‘will not send message’ to MLAs in Mumbai:
Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar asserted that he would not send a message to the rebel MLAs who are currently lodged in a Mumbai hotel.Issuing whip is left to leaders of respective parties,he added.
Rebel MLAs may face disqualification due to absence from Assembly:
Reports said that rebel MLAs are likely to face disqualification from the Karnataka Assembly due to their absence from the House on Monday.
Congress’ Krishna Byre Gowda addresses House over rebel MLAs resignations:
Congress MLA Krishna Byre Gowda addressed the Karnataka Assembly ahead of the trust vote and raised the resignations of the rebel MLAs.One is Ramesh Jarkiholi.He has been in touch with the BJP,met them several times in the last few months.He was unhappy for not having received a ministerial berth.Jarkiholi has constantly been seen with BJP leaders.During the Lok Sabha polls as well,he has facilitated BJP.Hence we have filed a disqualification petition against him,he added.He also said that even though the BJP alleged that the government is in minority because of the resignation of the MLAs, they didn’t move a no-confidence motion.
PIL in Karnataka HC over ‘deliberate’ delay in trust vote:
Anand Murthy,an advocate,has filed a public interest litigation (PIL) in the Karnataka High Court,alleging that trust vote is being deliberately delayed.
Speaker criticises rebel MLA BC Patil over absence in session:
Speaker Ramesh Kumar criticised rebel MLA BC Patil over his absence in the Assembly’s session on Monday. His statement came after a BJP MLA defended Patil when Congress minister Krishna Byre Gowda raised points about him.The Speaker said,Isn’t he an elected member?Shouldn’t he be present here? People have given him the opportunity to be present here. If he’s not coming, he needs to write to me.He hasn’t done that too.He has enough opportunities to defend himself.
Speaker asks for ‘documentary evidence’ on Congress’ claims of horse-trading:
Congress Minister Krishna Byre Gowda told Karnataka Speaker Ramesh Kumar that he would submit documentary evidence of the BJP’s horse-trading by the end of the day on Monday,after Ramesh seconded another MLA’s demand for evidence to support the allegations
DK Shivakumar says BJP ‘should accept’ that it conducted Operation Lotus in Karnataka:
Congress leader DK Shivakumar,while speaking in the Assembly ahead of the trust vote on Monday, said BJP should accept that they had spoken to rebel MLAs.He said,Why is the BJP not accepting that it wants the chair?Why are they not accepting the fact that they are behind ‘Operation Lotus’?They should accept that they have spoken to these(rebel) MLAs.
BJP is poaching MLAs in Andhra Pradesh,Telang na,West Bengal:Krishna Byre Gowda:
Karnataka Congress minister Krishna Byre Gowda accused the BJP of “poaching”MLAs in Andhra Pradesh,Telangana,and WestBengal as proceedings in the Assembly got underway for the trust vote on the coalition government on Monday.How can BJP deny meeting rebel MLAs in Mumbai?he questioned.It is a pre-planned conspiracy against the coalition government.16-17 MLAs didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to resign.
Resign and go:BJP slams HD Kumaraswamy over trust vote:
The BJP on Monday asked Karnataka​ chief minister HD Kumaraswamy to resign and go if he has faith in the Constitution and people of the state,as the confidence motion moved by him in the Assembly dragged on for the third day.The BJP said that Kumaraswamy himself moved the confidence motion but the trust process was still prolonging. In a post on its Facebook page,the BJP said,If at all you have faith and respect for the Constitution and the people of the state, you resign and go home.The BJP ran a hashtag in Kannada,people of the state will not forgive you
Trust vote has no sanctity without decision on resignations: Congress.
Karnataka Congress minister Krishna Byre Gowda demanded that the Speaker should decide on the resignations of the rebel MLAs.If there is no decision on the status of rebel MLAs,the trust vote has no sanctity.
Political defection is matter of national concern: Congress:
In the debate ahead of the trust vote in the Karnataka Assembly on Monday,the Congress presided over the debate in the House.State minister Krishna Byre Gowda accused the BJP of trying to eliminate all parties” and said that the coalition partners were fighting for equal opportunity.
He added,Evil of political defection is a matter of national concern.The rebel MLAs have shifted their loyalties,they have an ulterior motive.
Karnataka Assembly adjourned for lunch till 3.30 pm:
BSP MLA absent from Assembly proceedings :
BSP MLA N Mahesh was reportedly absent from the Karnataka Assembly pre-lunch proceedings at the Vidhan Souda on Monday despite party chief Mayawati’s instruction to support the coalition in the trust vote.
I did not eat any biryani,says HD Kumaraswamy in reference to picture with Mansoor Khan:
I did not eat any biryani,Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy said in the Vidhana Soudha in an apparent reference to his photograph with the prime accused in the multi-crore IMA Ponzi scam, Mansoor Khan, which had gone viral on the various social media platforms.I am accused of having biryani at a particular person’s house.I was invited during Ramzan.I went there.I did not eat any biryani.After two health scares,I have given up non-vegetarian (food).I picked up only two morsels of rice,he said in the Assembly during the discussion on the trust vote.
BJP MLA raises IMA Ponzi issue in Karnataka Assembly:
Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy’s ‘Biryani response came after BJP leader CT Ravi raised the IMA Ponzi scam case in the Assembly during the debate on the confidence motion.Kumaraswamy said that he did not create any hurdles for the investigative agencies looking into the matter.After a report was sent from IT department in the Centre to my police,that’s when I spoke to the DG (of police) about the lapse in enquiry. When I went to IMA accused’s office,I saw RBI certificate (on his tax payment). Now,SIT has been successful in nabbing him and they have brought him to Bengaluru.They will investigate now. We will not misuse our government machineries,Kumaraswamy said.
Assembly Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar said, Don’t bother about food habits.
Siddaramaiah says SC likely to hear Congress’ plea on Tuesday:
Speaking to reporters on the Karnataka political crisis,Siddaramaiah said that the Speaker will take a call on confidence motion.We have already told that we will prove the confidence in Vidhana Soudha. The case is pending in Supreme Court.We have also filed the petition.Most probably,Supreme Court will hear our plea tomorrow (Tuesday).He further said,If the rebel MLAs come back,then they will be with us.They (rebels) have told that they are not living comfortably.They could have stayed back here itself.
Dinesh Gundu Rao thanks Speaker for upholding whip:
Congress leader Dinesh Gundu Rao wrote on Twitter that the Speaker has upheld the sanctity of the whip and says it’s applicable as per 10th Schedule of the Constitution.He ruled that the Supreme Court interim order in no way protects the rebel MLAs if they violate the whip. Welcome his just and equitable order.Rao said.
‘Each member will speak only for 10 minutes’:
Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar asserted that Assembly members listed for speaking during the debate on confidence motion will only be given 10 minutes’time to talk.
JD(S) leader slams ‘backdoor entry’ to power via resignations:
Participating in the debate on the confidence motion,JD(S) leader AT Ramaswamy asked the rebel MLAs if they were being honest about them not being hungry for power.Danger lurks the Constitution if the backdoor entry to power is allowed by way of resignations,he said.
HDK likely to meet governor at 7 pm, say reports:
According to reports, HD Kumaraswamy has sought an appointment at 7 pm with Governor Vajubhai Vala.This has given way to speculation that he may tender his resignation during the meeting, due to lack of numbers.
On Sunday, Water Resources Minister DK Shivakumar had made the claim that Kumaraswamy will vacate the chief minister’s position to save the Congress-JD(S) combine.
Have given my word to conduct floor test today:
Karnataka Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar asserted that the floor test in the Assembly will be held on Monday itself. I have given my word to conduct floor test today. The coalition leaders have given word to prove majority,he said.
CMO denies seeking appointment with governor:
Karnataka Chief Minister’s Office has denied seeking appointment with Governor Vajubhai Vala.
Let’s wait for SC’s decision on Congress plea, says Dinesh Gundu Rao:
Speaking at a press conference,Karnataka Congress chief Dinesh Gundu Rao said that the party wants to wait till the Supreme Court hears his petition on Tuesday before taking a call on the future course of action.Let us wait for the decision of Supreme Court after the hearing (on Tuesday),and then take the next step. We wanted rights of every member upheld, but trust vote cannot be conducted in such a manner,” he said.
MB Patil says Governor asked home Ministry to provide security to rebel MLAs:
Home Minister,MB Patil said at Vidhana Soudha that his ministry provided security to rebel MLAs only because governor had asked for it. He further claimed that the ministry wasn’t responsible for providing them with zero road traffic.
Drama in Assembly after MB Patil says rebel MLAs weren’t given zero road traffic:
Congress MLA HK Patil said in the Assembly,Let the home minister (MB Patil) investigate about this again(zero traffic to rebel MLAs)as everyone has seen how they were given zero traffic.MB Patil will have to gather more information and he has to find out who gave the permission.JD(S) MLA AT Ramaswamy said,If the home minister is lying blatantly in front of the House,how can I stay here?” and walked out of the Assembly.
HDK tells Speaker floor test can’t be held today:
According to reports,Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has sought two more days’ time from Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar for the trust vote, saying that he needs more time.
Won’t adjourn House till proceedings end, says Speaker:
Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar has reportedly refused to adjourn the proceedings till the trust vote is held on Monday.
MB Patil calls for meeting with police commissioner over zero traffic given to rebel MLAs:
Home Minister MB Patil has called an official meeting with the police commissioner, to discuss about zero traffic reportedly given to rebel MLAs when they came from Mumbai to Bengaluru to meet the Speaker.The development comes after JD(S) MLA AT Ramaswamy raised this matter in Assembly.
House adjourned for 10 minutes:
The Speaker has adjourned the Assembly for 10 minutes following an uproar by the MLAs of JD(S)-Congress.
MLAs stay inside Assembly despite adjournment for 10 minutes.
After HDK,Karnataka Minister meets Speaker seeking more time:
PWD Minister HD Revanna is currently holding a meeting with Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar to request for more time to hold the trust vote.
Speaker holds meeting with BJP, JD(S) leaders:
Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar holds a meeting with BJP leaders Sunil Kumar, Basavaraj Bommai,and CT Ravi,and JDS leaders SR Mahesh,HD Revanna,and Bandeppa Kashempur,in his chamber at Vidhana Soudha.
SC to hear plea of 2 Independent MLAs tomorrow:
The Supreme Court will hear on Tuesday a fresh plea of two Independent Karnataka MLAs,R Shankar and H Nagesh seeking holding of the floor test “forthwith” in the state Assembly on the trust motion moved by HD Kumaraswamy.A bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi on Monday declined to hear the plea by during the day.
Speaker threatens to quit over demand for delay in trust vote, says report:
As Congress-JD(S) demanding the trust vote be further delayed,Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar has reportedly threatened to quit on the floor of the House.
PIL filed in Karnataka HC alleging deliberate delay of trust vote in Assembly:
A public interest litigation (PIL) was filed in the Karnataka High Court on Monday alleging that the trust vote was deliberately being delayed in the state Assembly.The plea filed by advocate Anand Murthy also sought a direction to Assembly Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar and Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy to conduct the floor test in a timely manner.
Speaker holds meeting with HDK, Siddarmaiah, other ruling leaders:
Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar is holding a meeting with HD Kumaraswamy,Deputy Chief Minister G Parameshwara, SR Mahesh from JD(S),and Congress leaders Krishna Byre Gowda,and Siddaramaiah,in his chamber at Vidhana Soudha.
Assembly resumes after two hour adjournment:
The Assembly has reconvened after the Speaker adjourned the sitting or ten mins at 6.30 pm.
BSY urges Speaker to conduct floor test by midnight:
After the House reconvened, BJP state president BS Yeddyurappa urged the Speaker to conduct the trust vote by midnight.
Congress-JD(S) MLAs chant ‘save Constitution’ slogans; Speaker hits out at them.
Speaker slams Congress MLA for seeking delay in trust vote:
Congress MLA HK Patil said in the Assembly that debating on the confidence motion would be right after the Supreme Court takes a decision on Tuesday, when it is scheduled to hear pleas on the matter.Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar hit back, saying,Don’t push me to a point where I’ll have to take a decision without asking you.The consequences will be disastrous.
HDK claims fake resignation letter doing rounds on social media:
Speaking in the Assembly, HD Kumaraswamy said,I got information that I have tendered my resignation to the Governor.I don’t know who is waiting to become the chief minister.Someone has forged my signature and spread the same on social media. I’m shocked at the cheap level of publicity.
Shivakumar reminds rebel MLAs they won’t be Assembly members after disqualification:
Congress leader DK Shivakumar said, Speaker has served notice to rebel MLAs, giving them time till 11 am tomorrow (Tuesday).BJP is trying to convince them that they won’t be disqualified and they will be made ministers.As per Constitution of India, you can’t be made a member once you’re disqualified.”
Rebel MLAs who are watching all the proceedings from their destination said no chance of attending assembly and we dismiss DK Shivakumar warning we stand by our words we are united we will not go back ST Somashekar Rebel MLA said.
Congress-JD(S) press for adjournment:
Karnataka Congress chief Dinesh Gundu Rao requested the Speaker to adjourn the House, saying that there are several members with health issues, and women in the Assembly.Industries Minister KJ George also requested that the proceedings be adjourned till Tuesday. When Yeddyurappa said that the members should have dinner and then continue with the trust vote process till 1 am, KJ George said,Yedyurappa is a senior leader.Like he said, please adjourn for dinner.Let’s continue tomorrow.
Meanwhile BJP State President BS Yeddyurappa with other leaders were seen sharing toffees choclates to each other as even in their party also there were many sugar patients.
House adjourned till 10 am, Tuesday:
Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar adjourned the House till 10 am on Tuesday after the Congress agreed to allow the floor test to be held on Tuesday. “By 4 pm tomorrow (Tuesday), we will finish discussion, by 6 pm we will finish the floor test.”
The two MLAs, who withdrew support to the Congress-JD(S) government in Karnataka, had moved the top court seeking a direction to the Kumaraswamy government for conducting a floor test in the state Assembly on or before 5 pm on Monday.
The Independent MLAs’ petition came days after Kumaraswamy and state Congress president Dinesh Gundu Rao moved the top court accusing the governor of interfering with the Assembly’s proceedings during the debate on trust vote.
Kumaraswamy and Rao had filed separate applications after the deadlines set by the governor to conclude the proceedings of the confidence motion were not met.
They had also sought a clarification of the 17 July order of the apex court by which the 15 rebel Congress-JD(S) MLAs were granted relief that they cannot be compelled to participate in the ongoing Assembly proceedings.
In Karnataka, the Congress-JD(S) government slumped into a minority earlier in July following the resignation of several dissident MLAs. Sixteen MLAs from the ruling coalition, including thirteen Congress and three JD(S) MLAs, have tendered their resignations. One of the rebel MLAs Ramalinga Reddy took back his resignation last week, after holding talks with the Congress leadership.
On Friday, the Assembly failed to meet the deadline set by Governor Vajubhai Vala to complete the trust vote. After that, Kumaraswamy moved the Supreme Court challenging the governor’s directive to the government saying it was in violation of well-settled law laid down by the court.
The state Assembly has 225 members, including one nominated MLA. The halfway mark in the 225-member Assembly is 113. The ruling combine’s strength is 117, besides the Speaker.
With the support of the two Independents, the opposition BJP has 107 MLAs in the 225-member House, including the nominated MLA and Speaker.
If the resignations of 15 MLAs (12 from Congress and three from JDS) are accepted or if they stay away, the ruling coalition’s tally will plummet to 101, reducing the government to a minority.