Juman Lal Pradhan of Rastiya Valmiki Sena Made Guardian

North East Delhi January 2  RASTIYA Valmiki SENA celebrated its Foundation Day in double story Seelampur today on this occasion Regional MLA Bhure Khan Sanjay Kudia Karmaveer Bharti Sanjay Chandel Anil Na Delhi Pradesh President Praveen Chadha Tilak Suit Dr. Ashok Kumar Union President Sanjay

In the presence of dignitaries like Gehlot, 90-year-old respected Jumman Lal Pradhan ji While giving this information to the press, who made the guardian of the Valmiki SENA, the National Chairman of the RASTIYA Valmiki SENA Shri Raju Chandel said that the RASTi YA Valmiki SENA has been struggling for a long time in various states of the country for their rights for the upliftment of RATiYA Valmiki SENA.

The army will work even more firmly by becoming the guardian of social leader Juman Lal ji. After wishing for the long life of Pradhan Jumman Lal ji by cutting the birthday cake of Lal ji to complete 90 years, Mr. Chandel said that Pradhan Jumman Lal ji struggled for Valmiki society from the tenure of late Ram Lakkha ji.

Coming today, in his patronage, the National Valmiki SENA get a new inspiration to fight for the society. He said that in Jammu and Kashmir A. Section After removing 370 inmates Valmiki community will struggle to uplift the rights of Dalit society