We fail in taking any issue to its logical end

Dr KK Aggarwal

Past National President IMA

I came as a National President, raised issues, protested in big movements like Dilli Chalo and discharged my duties.

My successor came, protested and left.

This year again we supported the there was a protest by Junio Doctors at WB, we supported. Local issues were solved, and the protest ended.

Should IMA support by striking over a local issue but of National Importance with National implications?

I think only when it is involved in the final settlements. Its not easy to build up a National Protest. Once it is done it has to end up with final settlement.

We all are doing the same mistakes. I did the same. The inter-ministerial committees reports are still pending for over three years.

WB local issues were solved. But in the larger context the cases of violence are continuing in the country. The latest is, in Ranchi.

Ashutosh Pandey was brought dead in Ranchi Trust Hospital in the evening. He was drowned in river and was brought by two of his friends who fled the hospital after leaving the dead body in the hospital.

Relatives of deceased reached hospital and started abusing Doctors and Paramedical staff. After few minutes some of them started beating doctors.

Three doctors had multiple fractures and have been admitted.

As per Dr Arun Kr Singh President and Dr Pradeep Kr Singh Secretary FIR was lodged under section 307.

Some final outcome needs to come. One of the answers is continuous protest till it is solved. It can be as simple as wearing black badges till our demands are met.