binod takiawla

23 rd June, 2019 New Delhi: Today a large number of youth, ngos, human rights
activists, academicians, journalists, civil society members, and influencers gathered at
Jantar Mantar under the banner of ‘India for Children’ to demand Parle-G to apologize
to the nation and sponsor the expenses of those 26 child labourers who were rescued
by Chhattisgarh police from Parle-G’s Raipur plant. A raid was conducted on 14 th June,
2019 by Chattisgarh special task force and it exposed the dark truth of child exploitation
by Parle-G.
In India, there are over 10.1 million child labourers as per 2011 Census. Parle Products
are stained with the blood and sweat of children. Their reply on social media and media
has been most unfortunate. They are shrugging off their responsibility by putting the
blame on third party that it was subcontracted to them. A brand like Parle should have a
clear sight into their supply chain and know who is making their products.
Parle-G is liked by children most and children are the biggest consumer of this product.
The icon of Parle-G’s product is a child yet they were involved in such heinous act.
This protest was against this exploitation of children by Parle’s management. We will
not stop till Parle-G issues a public apology and agrees to sponsor the education and
skill training of the children who were rescued. apologize to the entire nation and
We appeal to Parle-G and other companies to take concrete action so that incidents like
this is never repeated again.
India for Children: Started in 2017, India for Children is the largest social media
platform on child rights with over 40 lakh followers. It aims to build an ecosystem that
enables the rights of children through multi-stakeholder dialogue that is enabled through
its platform.