Woman writhing in labour made to wait 4 hrs, loses baby

Dr K K Aggarwal


As per a viral video a pregnant woman is seen sitting on the floor of the empty Kolar’s KGF government hospital, writhing in labour pains. TShe was allegedly made to wait for four hours. When she was not attended to by a doctor, the woman was eventually taken to a private hospital for the delivery. Her baby, however, did not survive.

22-year-old Sameena, a resident of Kolar, was taken to KGF Government Hospital on Tuesday noon after she began experiencing contractions. She was accompanied by her husband Riyaz and two other female relatives.

Dr Shivakumar, the surgeon who was on call at the time at KGF has since been suspended by officials.



Hospital fault: in an empty hospital, where no staff is visible in the video, how come the patient walked in

Administrative fault: Why no one attended

Medical fault: if the doctor was on call why he or she did not come

Govt fault: As it was government hospital, how can you have no staff



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