Panaache Miss and Mrs. India Season-2

Utkarsh Upadhyay

Panaache Miss and Mrs. India Season-2 is an initiative by Panaache to crown and offer gratitude to the never dying attitude of Women excelling in different spheres of life. We have launched this pageant, not just to felicitate women, but also to, set a benchmark for future generations to follow.

The theme for this season is – Save Girl Child.
The most striking feature of this pageant is No Height, Weight & Upper Age Criteria. Every woman is beautiful in a different way. Panaache honors such women at a national level platform where they excel and compete with each other on various grounds viz., talent, Introduction, Question & Answer, National Costume etc.
They will also make a video based on theme of this season featuring themselves thereby giving a message to the society.
A voice is lent to women for their achievements, which otherwise might have never been heard. The idea is to work towards empowering women with a spirit of healthy competition. We are here to motivate women to continue the good work and attain goals by creating a niche for themselves.
These are women who have distinguished themselves as prominent citizens, who displayed a strong mettle and capability to perform well in any field. We want other women to get inspired by the winners so that they can take the legacy ahead.
The ceremony will highlight the role played by women in society while appreciating their attitude, initiative, will-power and perseverance.
The purpose of this pageant is to empower, enrich, encourage & enlighten women.
Together We Can and We Will…
Grand Finale is scheduled for 2nd May’2019 at Saint Andrews Auditorium, Bandra (west), Mumbai