Hawa Badlo movement organized a workshop


GAIL (India) Ltd has been creating awareness and changing mind-sets, to ensure a greener and cleaner tomorrow through its movement “Hawa Badlo”. Hawa Badlo has been actively working towards educating the Indian masses against air pollution through events, short films, contests, raahgiri, pledges, etc on advocacy against Air Pollution and problems caused due to Air Pollution. Through these efforts Hawa Badlo movement has reached more than 6 Crore Indians digitally.

Hawa Badlo organized a workshop in New Delhi for providing solutions for achieving pollution free airand to mobilize collective societal efforts to improve the deteriorating air quality by encouraging sustainable and environment friendly lifestyle habits such as planting trees, cycling & walking, carpooling, using public transport, conserving energy and using cleaner energy sources like Natural Gas for industries, CNG for automobiles, PNG for commercial uses.

GAIL India Ltd plans to support Hawa Badlo movement and empower the idea on a long term basis so that it becomes a national movement.