Sadak Surakasha-Jeevan Raksha,30th Year National Road Safety Week Flagged Off by Home Minister MB Patil, In Bengaluru

Pramesh Jain

Sadak Surakasha-Jeevan Raksha,30th Year National Road Safety Week Flagged Off by Home Minister MB Patil, In Bengaluru :

This year theme of Road Safety week is “Sadak Surakasha -Jeevan Raksha .
Objectives of Road Safety Week.
> Road safety week is celebrated by performing the following activities:
> Road safety leaflets including roses, chocolates and flowers are distributed to the travelers on the road.
> commuters are also explained about the methods and necessities of the road safety means they must understand the use of helmets or seat belts while driving on the road or anywhere.
> Various painting and drawing competitions,road safety announcements, exhibitions, road rules test, girls scooter rally to encourage the use of helmets, debates on road safety at the All India Radio, workshops, seminar and etc activities are organized.
> Free medical check up camps and driving training workshops are organized for the drivers to encourage them towards the road safety.
> Road safety quiz competitions are also organized to promote people about road safety.
> Traffic safety games including card games, puzzles, board games and etc are organized to educate school children about road safety.
> The aim of celebrating the campaign road safety week is to promote the road safety measures in the community, schools, colleges, work places, on roads and etc.
> To decrease and completely remove out the road accidents, road accident death and injury cases by applying the road safety measures.
> To encourage all the travelers to follow the traffic rules and wear helmets and seat belts while driving.
> To implement the new preventative measures which are proved to lessen the risk of road accidents, death or injury.
> To aware the people about the speed limit of the vehicles to prevent road accidents.
> To maintain the speed and required distance from other vehicles
> To aware people that do not drink, do not drive when tired and do not use phones or radios while driving.
> The aim of celebrating the campaign road safety week is to promote the road safety measures in the community, schools, colleges, work places, on roads and etc.
> To decrease and completely remove out the road accidents, road accident death and injury cases by applying the road safety measures.
The 30th Year National road safety week 2019 was Inaugurated in Bengaluru City at Sullivan Ground, by Home Minister,MB Patil,with MLCs as,Govindaraju,Ramesh Gowda,with NA.Haris MLA,Shantinagar,BMTC Chairman,Addl CP,Crime,Alok Kumar,ADG of CTRS, P.Sandhu,Transport commissioner, VK.Ikkeri,IAS,with other RTO officers as Gnanendra Kumar,Narendra Hollkar,
Addl CP Traffic,P.Harishekaran,with Addl CPs as,BK Singh,Seemanth Kumar Singh,DCPs as,Jagadeesh,Dr.Soumyalatha,Saraha Fathima,Dr.M.B.Boralingaiah,Rahul Sharpode,Chethan Singh Rathore,K. Annamalai,with all ACP’S as,Virupakshappa,Anthony John,Thimmaiah,T.Basheer Ahmed,Siddalingappa,
With other ACPs,PROs,of RTO and KSRTC as,Premalatha,and Latha Jaiwanth with all Traffic PI’s,PSI’s,ASI’s,and other staff with, NGOs,Traffic Wardens,Home Guards were present in the function.
Road safety week is a national event aimed at raising public awareness about traffic rules and ultimately to reduce casualties due to road accidents. Millions lose their life and millions get injured in road accidents globally; mainly, due to lack of awareness about traffic rules or a behavior of flouting them. Therefore, to make people more aware of the traffic rules and to persuade them to follow rules while on road; the Road Safety Week is observed annually.
Though the government observes the road safety weeks, many Charitable Organizations, Non Government Organizations and Private firms across the country also organize and provide logistic support to the Road Safety Week Campaign.
Road safety week is celebrated with the great joy and enthusiasm every year in India at many places such as Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Baroda, Vadodara, Pune, Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, Chandigarh and etc. People are encouraged about how to drive on road by organizing variety of programmes related to the road safety.
During the whole week celebration of this campaign, variety of educational banners, safety posters, safety films, pocket guides and leaflets related to the road safety are distributed to the on road travelers. They get motivated about the road safety while traveling on road means having planned, well-organized and professional way traveling. People who travel in unprofessional way are requested to use road safety measures and follow traffic rules by giving them roses.
Home Minister MB Patil with other dignitaries flagged off the 30th National Road Safety week by flying the pigeons in the air with Balloons to pass a message as 30th year National Road safety week has been commenced and after flagging of the event they visited the exhibition stalls where BTP,RTO,KSRTC,BMTC,BBMP,with  other Departments and stake holders and school students were showcasing road safety equipments,Traffic controlling devices,Robot,photographs depicting various issues related to road safety was organised.A large group of students belonging to Student’s Association For Road Safety (SARS) participated in the colourful parade. SARS is a voluntary student Organization which is trained by Traffic police personnel regarding road safety.The members of this association act as ambassador of safety and spread the message of safety through their parents and neighbors creating awareness among the General public .The main aim of this association is to inculcate safety aspects at the very young age so that their future is very well  protected.Totally 43 platoons as 43 different school as each traffic police stations one school was selected and with 7 band of platoons rendered music in the parade. Around 1570 students took part in the programme. More than 20,000 students from 250 schools, auto rickshaw drivers, cab drivers, teachers, parents and others participated in the event.Awareness programmes and events like bike rallys,essay writing, pick and speak, street play,debate, giving rose to violators to make them aware to follow traffic rules will be organised by all traffic police stations for students during the Road Safety week.
MB Patil Home Minister after inaugurating the road safety week said Namma Bengaluru is once again in news for all the wrong reasons.The city that houses a number of IT and BT companies had attracted international media attention for the garbage mess. Now, the city is in the news for traffic woes.Many feel that commuting between Bengaluru and Mysuru has become easy than commuting from one end to the other end of the city.Traffic police have been trying their best to facilitate smooth movement of vehicles in the city but a lot has to be done to find a solution to this problem.There is a need for all stakeholders to contribute towards reducing the accident rate.The traffic police have been conducting various sensitisation programmes for school children so that traffic rules were instilled in them from a young age as a grass root policing can be done.He even said If the school students are reached in the school in their classrooms as they are the future heroes and the main purpose of the National Road Safety week is only the Police,or the RTO,or the other Government associations on their own is not enough it has to be the public participation and the school childrens everybody together we try to save the precious life.So Media also plays a very important role,you have it your channels about the road safety your own capacity you people try to do that to educate people.So I request you people, to highlight this cause and see that 1.5 lakh precious life what we loose every year in this country should be protected should be safe this is saved this is the main motto and similarly Bengaluru Karnataka this National Road Safety week along with the other co-agencies like RTOs,Transport department,should join hands to bring accident rates down.We want the motorists to follow traffic rules and be safe and also ensure safety for the pedestrians and others in the city.Pushing for the use of technology to check traffic violations, City traffic police would instal more interceptors and additional CCTV cameras to capture speeding vehicles.Disappointed with the perennial issue of traffic jams on important roads in the city, Home Minister MB Patil said that the need of the hour is to wage a war on traffic jams.The traffic police are taking necessary measures to mitigate traffic-related problems in the city,” the minister said.700 people die in road accidents in Bengaluru.Nearly five lakh road accidents are reported in the country and nearly 1.5 lakh people lose their lives in road accidents.Around six lakh people become permanently disabled due to road accidents.More than 700 people are being killed in road accidents in Bangalore. No contagious diseases, nor tsunami or any other natural disaster is known to take the death toll to this extent.He even said,every citizen should abide the law and follow traffic rules. It is responsibility of all the citizens to follow traffic rules.Every year around 1 Lakh people loss their lives due to accident.Last year about 613 people have died.In a average of 2 every day. 2016-18 accident prone black spot were identified totally 45.Karnataka has helped public by utilising technology method. Citizens and children are the future heroes. Only with law with the cops it cannot be controlled we should altogether join hands.All schools are the important from which they learn. Different technologies can be implemented.Media role is very responsible.Give wide publicity. It should be continued he added.
Schools in CBD pose a problem -NA Haris.
The traffic chaos and frequent jams across the Central Business District,which has nearly a dozen schools,has become a nightmare for residents.Their grievances were addressed on Monday by their elected representative N.A.Haris who is the Shanthinagar MLA.He appealed to the traffic police to find a system to reduce traffic snarls.School vans are parked around the school premises all through the day. This has made it difficult for residents to step out from morning till evening,Repeated attempts by the traffic police to address this issue have not yielded results he added.
The police department honoured traffic police personnel who excelled in their duty, and prizes were distributed to students who had participated in various contests pertaining to road safety.
The five Traffic inspectors of Bengaluru city Traffic were honoured by Home Minister MB Patil,Officers as inspector of Hebbal,Halasoor,Jayanagar,Magadi Road and Madiwala Traffic inspectors were among who was honoured they are,Praveen kumar,Dilip Kumar,Sreenivas,Yogesh and Gavisiddappa were honoured with a memento and certificate as best Inspectors for the year.Best PSI awards were given to Ramachandraiah,of Chickpet traffic police station,Mallesh of Bytarayanapura Traffic Police station,E.Gangamaa,of Kumarswamy layout traffic police station,Jayram Naik of Cubbon park traffic police station,with many other PSIs were awarded,ASIs,as,Shivakumar of Upparpet Traffic police Station,Channappa of Airport Traffic police station Anniyappa of Jayanagar Traffic police Station ,Head constables as,Gopal,Shivakumar,Kumar, Mahadevswamy and many others were rewarded with Police constable, Jahangir Pasha,and many other staff and Home Guards and Traffic Wardens and students of little flower school,PPS police public school and other schools students were also among the awardees who has performed well on the occasion of road safety as we have seen Police band performing but this time school students have performed it