Cine Enthusiasts, Film Students Will Benefit From this Initiative

Voice is the future of communication with the devices around us. Voice is everywhere and already 390 million people around the world are using voice based communication and this would almost triple to 1.83 billion people in the next 3 years.

To reach the audience of such Voice based communication, Press Information Bureau has launched IFFI 2018 Flash Briefing Skills on Amazon Alexa. Now users can listen to IFFI Updates by enabling Press Information Bureau skills on Amazon Alexa. The flash Briefing would provide timely updates on the events happening during IFFI 2018.

With this initiative Press Information Bureau would get an additional platform for reaching out to the audiences. This would supplement the publicity efforts of Government of India reach out to citizens with information of public interests through Press Releases, Social Media platforms and Live streaming of select events.

How to enable IFFI 2018 Flash Briefing Skill:

  1. Alexa Users can go to and enable the skill for their speakers.
  2. Switch on the Speaker and Ask ‘Alexa, what’s in the news?’
  3. Alexa will play IFFI 2018 Updates.