PM congratulates Indian contingent for the excellent performance in Asian Games 2018

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has congratulated Indian contingent for their excellent performance in Asian Games 2018.

“As the Asian Games 2018 come to a close, I once again congratulate the Indian contingent for their excellent performance. The 2018 Games have been the best for India in the history of the Asian Games. Every athlete who took part in the Games is India’s pride.

During the Asian Games 2018, we consolidated our position in events where we have historically been strong and won laurels in those games in which we have not won much previously. This is an extremely positive sign and it augurs well for Indian sports.

I salute the coaches, support staff, parents, family and friends of the athletes. Thank you for constantly supporting our champions. My best wishes to all our athletes for their future endeavours.

Congratulations to President Joko Widodo and the people of Indonesia for hosting such a memorable Asian Games 2018. These games witnessed great performances by the athletes and wonderfully manifested the spirit of sportsmanship”, the Prime Minister said in a series of tweets.