Cashew Theif arrested by Vyalikaval police, within 24 hours Recovered 1980 kg Cashewnuts Intact worth Rs.16 Lakhs

Cashew Theif arrested by Vyalikaval police, within 24 hours Recovered 1980 kg Cashewnuts Intact worth Rs.16 Lakhs.
Vyalikaval police have nabbed a thief within 24 hours and recovered 1980 kg stolen cashewnuts worth Rs.16 lakhs.
The accused has been identified as Prashanth Tanaji Patel,(25) year old who hails from Sangli district in Maharashtra.
The accused a distributor committed the theft after suffering huge loss.
The accused theft the goods using duplicate key as he was well aware where the shop owner has stored the goods in his shop.
Senior officer told media persons,that a complainant by name Rajesh Kamath a wholesale dealer of dry fruits of Om Sri Traders located at Vyalikaval registered a complaint in Vyalikaval police station stating that after closing the shop on Thursday night he went to his house and when he came to his shop on the next day and when he checked the cashewnuts in the store he found that 198 tins containing of cashewnuts has been stolen by a unknown person from his shop using a duplicate key and based on the complaint a team led by ACP Ravi Shankar,PI Vyalikaval K N Sudhakar and team swung into action after collecting all the information as the complainant told to the team that he has suspect on the distributor who used to come to his shop often and often and based on the statement given by the shop owner our team began investigation and based on technical inputs the inspector and his team nabbed Prashanth Patil within a few hours and during questioning he confessed the crime and revealed that he would source dry fruits from Rajesh Kamath, a wholesale dealer, and supply them to small retail outlets for a profit.However, after incurring a hefty loss, he sought a loan of Rs.5 lakh from Rajesh on August 20. However, the wholesale dealer refused to bail him so happened that on the day Prashanth visited his shop, Rajesh had received a consignment of 3.06 tonnes of cashew nuts,of which he had sold 1.08 tonnes,and the transaction took place in front of Prashanth.He went to the shop the next day and again asked for a loan, only to be turned down.A detailed investigation by team it has came to light and he revealed that on his second visit to the shop, Prashanth got his hands on the key of the shop.He made a duplicate key and returned the original to the shop within two hours.He used the duplicate key to open the shop and stolen 1980 kilograms of cashewnuts and stored it at his friends home and based on his statement the team raided his friends house and recovered 1980 kg of cashewnuts intact from his possession within 24 hours after the incident reported and as he suffered huge losses in the business thus he decided to commit theft and he knew Rajesh Kamath from past 2-3 years and he also knew where he used to store the goods and a case has been registered in Vyalikaval police station and further investigation is on and with this finally Bengaluru Police commissioner,T.Suneel Kumar,Addl CP,West,B.K.Singh has appreciated,DCP,Central,Devaraja,ACP, Sheshadripuram,Sub-division,Ravi Shankar,PI,Vyalikaval,K.N Sudhakar and his whole crime staff for the commendable job done by them who has nabbed the accused within few hours of the crime reported and recovered intact 1980 kg of cashewnuts from his possession he added.