Notorious Rowdy sheeter Arun nabbed by Jnanbharathi police after shootout

Notorious Rowdy sheeter Arun nabbed by Jnanbharathi police after shootout :
A 28 year old man Arun alias Handhi Arun a notorious rowdy sheeter was shot when he tried to escape from the place.
The accused is a rowdy sheeter in JP Nagar and puttenahalli police station.
The recent case in which he was involved was a murder on August 15th Arun and his associates hacked a 38 year old man Prathap near to his friend’s son’s birthday.
Three police team were formed to nab the culprits.
The jnanabharathi police opened fire on a murder accused rowdy sheeter Arun alias Handhi Arun who attacked them, at visveshwaraya layout in Kengeri police station limits on Tuesdayearly morning while trying to evade arrest.
The accused has been identified as Arun alias Handhi Arun,who has been injured in the incident.
Arun and his gang was wanted in a murder case who has hacked another rowdy sheeter Prathap near Moodalapaya on August 15th.
Firing Incident took place at 06:15 am, in visveshwaraya layout under Kengeri police station limits.
Cops opened fire after Arun tried to attack Constable Prakash Lamani who went to nab him.
Arun has suffered bullet injury on his right leg and constable also is being treated at Private hospital.
Arun is a known rowdy sheeter and he was wanted in several cases of murder and attempt to murder and kidnap cases.
He headed a gang and several gang was involved in the city.
Jnanabharathi police said,Arun was involved in a deadly crime as on August 15th 2018 that was a day when whole country was busy in celebrating Independence day that night Arun executed a deadly plan and murdered Pratap who is also a rowdy sheeter. Arun and pratap were a part of the same gang earlier but both parted after differences between them they then formed their own gangs and were involved in many gang wars both Arun and Pratap were thirsty of each others blood it is said that they both were fell out on financial deal Pratap was defeat to Arun part share and which has led to bitter enemity between the two of them but Arun’s attempts to recover the money did not and hence he decided to finish pratap once for all.A deadly plan was prepared by Arun firstly stopped hostilities of pratap for sometime and he even sent messages to his rivalry gang about Pratap but pratap was cautious then roped in a trusted member of the Pratap’s gang he approached a man named kiran from Pratap’s team and used him as s mediator.Arun used Kiran to gain confidence of pratap after several rounds of talks over the phone pratap finally gave him and agreed to meet him up. Arun used his son birthday to lay a trap through Kiran Arun invited pratap to his house for his son’s birthday celebrations after all who invited and got the bash of his son pratap was agreed to attend so Arun hatched a plan and made his gang ready and as soon as Pratap arrived near Arun’s house in Mariyappanpalya in jnanabharathi limits Arun’s gang pounced on Pratap and hacked him to death on the spot. The gang fled from the spot after killing pratap.
The jnanabharathi police swung into action and began investigation they checked Pratap’s background and learnt about the gang wars with Arun.They immediately launched hunt for Arun and his associates cops nabbed Arun’s associates for questioning and during interrogation they spilled the beans the police took Arun,Kiran,dilip and Mahesh and Arun into custody for questioning Arun promised the cops to cooperate in the investigation and reveal the names of more men involved in the crime he also promised show their location to the cops then the cops them in Hoysala and began the hunt for the remaining accused as the cops reached Kengeri limits Arun tried to escape by opening the back doors of jeep constable prakash lamani began a chase and attempted to catch him Arun assaulted the constable prakash with stone to evade the arrest the police team warned him to surrender but he attempted to attacked them the police even fired a shot in Air but it did not deter Arun finally for the protection of his staff and team Jnanbharathi Police Sub inspector Mallikarjun had to shoot on his right leg to neutralize him.
DCP West, Ravi D Channanavar who visited the crime spot with ACP Kengeri gate Dr.Prakash and collected the information about the incident from the team and after inspecting the spot he told reporters that on August 15,A Murder case was registered in Jnanabharathi police station limits where in the incident took place in Moodalapaya Pratap alias Pradeep was murdered by a gang on August 21st we arrested the main accused Arun from a lodge he said he will show the house of another accused.Arun a rowdy sheeter in puttenahalli JP Nagar limits tried to escape he attacked our constable and attempted to kill him we asked him to surrender but he dint and attacked our cop who went to nab him as to protect the cops sub inspector Mallikarjun Horatti opened fire and shot on his leg and injured him then we rushed the injured constable and accused to a private hospital for further treatment the team has nabbed the remaining accused.There are 8 cases against which includes three murder cases an attempt to murder case and several dacoity case against him registered in Bengaluru South and west zone and we will nab all the remaining accused and further investigation on And finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner,T.Suneel Kumar,Addl CP West,B K Singh,has appreciated,DCP West, Ravi D Channannavar,ACP Kengerigate sub division Dr.S.Prakash,PI as,Ramappa B Gutter,PSIs as,Hanumantha Shirahatti,Mallikarjun,and staff as,Prakash Lamani has been appreciated for nabbing the notorious criminal who was wanted in murder case and further Investigation is going on he added.
In the last seven months cops have opened fire on about 17 accused and nabbed notorious dreaded criminals who were giving sleepless nights to people.