NotoriousMaid,Husband held by koramangala police, valuables worth Rs.1.35 Cr Recovered

NotoriousMaid,Husband held by koramangala police, valuables worth Rs.1.35 Cr Recovered.
The southeast division of koramangala police have arrested fake baba a self style godman and her wife working as a domestic help on charges of stealing gold and diamond jewellery and silver articles worth crores of rupees from her employer’s house over the last one-and-a-half years.
The arrested accused has been identified as,Reshma alias Seema,Kiran Kumar (28), resident of Jakkasandra, Koramangala first block here.He is from Tamil Nadu and works as auto rickshaw driver.He had fallen in love with a lady named Reshma and married her.
Reshma worked as domestic help in the house of Jayant from Koramangala.She was aware that Jayant is rich and his wife is devotionally inclined. She connived with her husband, and drew up a plan to deceive the house owner in the name of Baba.
Reshma told Yogini she wanted the money to build a Baba Tempe.
Under the guidance of DCP,Southeast,Dr.M.B.Boralingaiah,and under the supervision of Madiwala Sub-Division ACP, Sampath Kumar, an operation to nab the notorious criminals was undertaken by a team led by koramangala police Inspector,Manjunath,PSI,Smt.Eshwari and their crime staff successfully nabbed the duo couple.
Invesitigating officer told,some days back a complainant by name Jayanth.S. Beda a rich businessman came to Koramangala Police station to register a complaint as he was worried about his wife as she will be busy speaking on phone nowadays and she will be alone in a room and he even said that after speaking to someone on the phone she came and demanded Rs.15 Lakhs from him and he said her wife Yogini did not reveal for what she need,Jayanth a native of Gujarat is a Rich businessman who owns a plastic factotry in the city and he has several properties which is in his wife name he said she was pressurised or getting harrased for money so he bought to notice to police we listened his problem patiently as Jayanth dint provide any clear details about the caller we got to know after taking a technical help we identified the caller and asked Jayanth whether he is aware of the number he said the number belongs to one Reshma he identified as her domestic help.He said Yogini looked after her as daughter Reshma hailed from Mandya and was working as their maid from past one and half year and she is married to Kiran a auto driver who hails from Tamilnadu.When cops went in search of Reshma in koramangala they found she has vacated the house a year ago we kept our search on for Reshma and after somedays Jayanth brother and wife came to attend some family function when she opened the locker to take some jewellery to wear she noticed 4.5 KG gold,2.5kg silver and diamonds worth lakhs are missing from the locker the net weight were not in grams but in KGS.Many ornaments and gold biscuits were missing Jewellery worth crores was missing from his locker and the locker was not damaged or broken no one has noticed from past one and half year.Jayanth the complainant got suspicious on their maid and based on his complaint we intensified our probe and we got to know that it is a insiders Job who knew about their wealth whereabouts,we suspected the prime suspect to be their maid Reshma and then we questioned Yogini about the jewels she said that Reshma their maid took some jewels for conducting religious rituals and she also claimed to be a Sai Baba’s devotee Yogini said in her statement she believed her blindly as she was also from same religion and one fine day Reshma gave her one Sai Baba idol and said it will grow bigger every year she even made her to perform Puja to the idol for 2 hours daily and Reshma was in touch with Yogini after leaving the job also they used to speak oftenly on phone and she even said that Reshma has asked her Rs.15 lakhs to build a temple she used to psychologically blackmail her and Yogini got panicked and used to believe her.Based on Yogini statement we questioned Reshma during questioning she confessed to crime and said that her husband is the mastermind as she told her husband that she is working in a Rich business man house and her wife is very religious and she even told him that she has huge diamond and gold and silver ornaments in her house then to become rich in short period of time Kiran told Reshma to find out the weakness of her owner the same she did and told him that she is very much interested in performing religious rituals so for this she hatched a plan and she used to ask Yogini wife of Jayanth to do meditation as she had some family problems for this Reshma said I have an solution for this you need to do some rituals so your problems will be solved for this you need to do meditation and for this she gave her one Sai Baba idol and asked her to do Puja for the idol daily and said it will grow every year believing this Yogini revealed her about the jewellery whereabouts and details of locker and when Yogini was busy in doing meditation her husband used to sneak in the house and used to decamp Gold silver and diamond ornaments from the locker and based on her statement we nabbed Kiran and during questioning he confessed to the crime and he revealed that to become rich and lead a lavish lifestyle he asked her wife to commit crime and with the money they have even purchased a flat in koramangala 1st block for lease as first they were living in hut so to become Rich they utilised this idea and fooled the owner in the name of Godman and based on his statement we have recovered 3.75 KG Gold and Diamond ornaments,2.5KG silver ornaments,2 lakhs cash,one swift dezire car and one Enfield bullet has been seized from his possession all together worth of Rs.1.35 Crores he added.
DCP Southeast,Dr.M.B.Boralingaiah told media persons,Reshma worked at the complainants house for a year and half she earned the trust of complainants wife who was a religious woman.She took some jewels from the owner on the pretext of offering them to God.She got to know the whereabouts the valuables were stored and stole them.They both stole around 4.5kg of gold and 2kg of silver items once the complainant noticed the jewels were missing he lodged a complaint we questioned Reshma and she revealed that her husband Kiran was the mastermind.He hails from Tamilnadu and has settled in the city.They bought a flat on lease with the money.Kiran bought a new car and was running it as a taxi.He also bought a Enfield bike people living in a hut started living a luxurious life.After robbing their owners of gold they also plotted to take money our team has arrested them he added.
Addl CP East,Seemanth Kumar Singh,told media persons that,The main accused Kiran is from Tamilnadu we are in touch with the Tamilnadu police to see if he is wanted in cases there.They decided to steal one item at a time so that the theft would not be noticed immediately.Reshma knew every nook and corner of the house.She succeeded in stealing bits and pieces of gold and silver jewellery from the family’s lockers. She knew where the keys were kept. She would hand over the items to Kiran, who sold them in jewellery stores across the city,The couple ran out of luck recently when the family checked the locker.They realised that over 4 kg of diamond, gold and silver articles were missing and based on the complaint the team has recovered property worth Rs.1.35 Crore in which they also took a house on lease bought a car and a bike we have seized them all. We have arrested the mastermind accused Reshma’s husband and Reshma will also be arrested asHer baby is barely three days old. We will arrest her after the doctors give a green signal.The couple sold the old gold ornaments and exchanged them for new,and finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner,T Suneel Kumar,has appreciated Addl CP East,Seemanth Kumar Singh,DCP Southeast,Dr.M.B.Boralingaiah,ACP Madiwala Sub-division,Sampath Kumar C,PI,Koramangala,Manjunath.B.S,and his team as,Smt.Eshwari.P.N,and their crime staff as,Jayaprakash,Nagaraj.L.P,Manjunath, Cheluvamurthy,Ganesh Nekar,Nekar Ganesh,Sathish and their whole team has been appreciated and We will reward our team suitably.Our team has done a commendable job we have recovered 3.75 KG Gold and 2.5kg silver worth Rs.1.35 Crore stolen property from the accused he added.