Vipin Gaur Honored at Tashkent Uzbekistan by Indian Ambassador to Uzbekistan

Eighteen-member delegation left for Uzbekistan on the invitation of Government of Uzbekistan under the leadership of Mr Vipin Gaur General Secretary Newspapers Association of India, Media, Art and Cultural exchange was the sole motto of NAI & ICMEI .


Vipin Gaur was designated as the Executive Member of Indo Uzbekistan Film And Cultural Forum in a grand reception thrown in his honor by H E Vinod Kumar, India Ambassador to Uzbekistan.. Vipin Gaur was also honored at Hotel Ramada for Indian Culture at Tashkent and at Ministry of Cinema and Culture by Furkat Zakirov, Minister of Art & Culture, Uzbekistan.


I am very happy with the response of H.E Vinod Kumar Indian Ambassador to Uzbekistan and Mr Furkat Zakirov, Minister of Art & Culture, Uzbekistan Indian Ambassador welcomed all of our guests, he showed a glimpse of Indian culture at Ramada Hotel, ‘cultural minister gave very good time, we had a long conversation said Vipin Gaur