Inter-State Conman on the prowl: thanks to city police

A conman who has duped more than 200 people across the country landed in the CCB net. Was he arrested? Did they recover the money belonging to the victims? Will his story be a testimonial that crime doesn’t pay? Sadly, no. He was detained by the CCB officials and then let off!
A person by name Ritesh Kumar S Jain who is aged about 31 years old a resident of Bengaluru is on prowl cheating gullible customers of other states by giving them false promises of getting cars in discount price and in the pretext of giving flex materials in less price with good quality.
Once any person believes him and send money through online and once he get confirmation that he has received the money he will then send a last message that so and so transport will deliver your materials and he will provide some fake contact numbers and if parties calls him to enquire about the material later he will start giving reasons as, one of his employee has met with an accident or he will tell them that my mom got expired so it will take time in delivering the material and then he will block their numbers in call and whatsapp too.
A person who is ninth standard drop out and he has got a very mastermind in cheating innocent people by changing his name and using fake names is leading a lavish life to the core of extent you will not believe it.
In the year 2013 he has cheated many people in the pretext of getting them Toyota Car in discount price and to make the people believe he even involved his friends and introduced them as Toyota companies employee and to make more confident the customers he used to visit Toyota Showroom and take photographs by making some people to stand with him as he is delivering the car to them and he used to share those photographs to the business man and others so by seeing that many got cheated by him and regarding this a complaint was also got registered in Chickpet police station and FIR was too registered against him and this time also he was trapped by the cops of chickpet while receiving cash from one customer in Girinagar as he promised him also to get a car in good discount price and for this he was arrested and was remanded to judicial custody and after one month he was granted bail and then the said accused was absconding from bengaluru for about 9 months and after 9 months he returned back to Bengaluru and started targeting flex dealers and distributors.
Then this person whose real name is  Ritesh kumar s jain who is into a fraudulent activities first he cheated many in the pretext of getting them Toyota Car for discount rates and now by searching on Google for dealers and distributors of flex printers across India he will approach them by getting their phone numbers and then he will send them a normal message and even through whatsapp message to customers that “good morning sir any orders for flex rolls,ink and other materials please contact M K agencies and he will provide his numbers to them on whatsapp he will give atleast two numbers and later if any customer agrees to do business with him he will call them by introducing himself as Rakesh Agarwal,Anand Jain and Ashok Kumar Jain of M K agencies and he will speak in a professional way that the person should believe him and agree to take materials for this he will ask them to send advance payment and he will give option to the customers if you want without bill he will give one account number and for with bill he will give other bank account details and once anyone get trapped to him in his talk and once the money comes to his account he will block the person on whatsapp and even he will block his phone calls too and with this money he is enjoying playing betting and other activities and leading a lavish life with others money and this racket is going on from past 5 years.
In the year 2016 he was then trapped and arrested by Dwaraka nagar police of vishakapatnam for cheating a flex dealer in Andhra Pradesh they laid a trap to him in the pretext of decoy they asked the decoy to call him and meet at some place with material to fix the deal and to get easy buck he got trapped near malleswaram ICICI Bank and they immediately secured him and took him to vishakapatnam and during interrogation it was revealed that he targeted a customer with a fake name Vijay and introduced himself as owner of Ideal flex dealers and printers and he cheated a business man by Srinivas Rao to the tune of Rs.1.47 lakhs as he said him that I have got Seven year of experience in this field to make them believe he even sent photographs of his office with stock of materials and promised him to give flex rolls in cheap rate with good quality and all and as he was not responding to the call and even he blocked the business man calls so the victim approached the Dwaraka nagar police station and the cops after getting details from the complainant they immediately swung into action and led a trap to nab him and he was trapped by the special team and was sent to jail and he was in jail for almost two and half months .
He even misused many people by taking their bank account number and many does not know what he is doing with their account he used to visit their shop and making them good friends and with this he used to collect their account number by telling my customers will transfer some money to your account so can you get me your ATM card will withdraw the cash and give you back your ATM the innocent people believed and gave him their ATM card and after getting the card he was absconding and misused their accounts for his fraudulent activities.
Recently he was secured by city market cops as there was a arrest warrant against him for not attending court so he was arrested and produced before the court in the month of March and was taken into custody that time also a credible information was given by our corrospondent to cops about his racket and the mobile was in the custody of city market police inspector and our correspondent who collected all his information from one of the victim how he cheated him and our correspondent  requested to the inspector to verify his mobile the inspector said we will look into it as he has big time fraud and on the next day our correspondent met the jurisdictional Deputy Commissioner of Police,at his office,Ravi D Chennanevar and explained him how he is cheating people and all the proofs is in the mobile which is with the city market inspector Jaymaruthi so request you to look into it and bust the Scam so for this the DCP west promised  that he will do thorough inquiry on the information as our corrospondent met the DCP personally and requested him but it all went in vain and then the accused was out on bail and the inspector even said to our correspondent that we dint find anything in the mobile and we cannot do anything he said but all the proofs was in mobile only but inspector dint show any interest on the  credible information was passed as our corrospondent was with the cops to get him nabbed he noticed all the block contacts numbers in his mobile Samsung Note 3 as the Scam would been busted by the cops if they would have taken it seriously in busting the racket.Later our correspondent met the CCB,Joint Commissioner of police,N Satheesh Kumar and explained him fully about the Scam and after getting details he asked our correspondent to meet,CCB Fraud and Misappropriation Squad,ACP,Manjunath Choudhary and our correspondent met the ACP too and explained him also in detail and after collecting all the details he gave assurance that will bust the racket and nab the accused but need some complaint against him from the victim so our correspondent contacted some victims who sent a online complaint on Bengaluru Police Commissioner’s offcial email address and the same was marked to ccb F&M squads email address too,and after receiving a mail the ACP asked our correspondent to ask the complainant or their relative who is aware of this cheating scam ask them to come and give in writing to us so we will act so one of the victim who is from Madhya Pradesh called his friend to register a complaint on behalf of him he drafted the complaint and went back later ACP says we don’t have power to register FIR as ccb cannot file case as per law.but first he said we will look into it and do inquiry and later the said ACP made our correspondent to come daily to CCB office and share details and he used to share details about him as our correspondent collected information from sources and in the month of April the accused was seen near Soladevanahalli police station along with his friends and at that time also our correspondent was there only as he noticed the culprit their he called and informed to DCP Crime 2,Jinendra Khangavi that sir the culprit is here in Soladevanahalli police station only so he immediately informed the concerned inspector Krishnamurthy of soladevanahalli police station to detain him till our ccb cops comes and pick him for inquiry as he is into fraudulent activities later in the evening ccb cops went to the Soladevanahalli police station and as it is night time the ACP of F&M,Manjunath Choudhary said to our correspondent that we cannot keep any person in our custody. So the ACP and ccb cops requested the soladevanahalli inspector to keep him till morning but he dint do it as he said to them that will secure his mobile phone and he will approach by 11am to CCB office for enquiry but he dint turned up at all till 5 pm then next day the ccb cops accompanied with our correspondent went in search of him where we found he has vacated the house after getting released out on bail and till today he is absconding and hiding in and around north bengaluru only.Many emails were sent to Bengaluru police commissioner official email address but then also no action as complaint was not filed in any of the station so they dint took any cognisance to our correspondent information.
His family background he is from a good family his father is working in a private company and he lost his mother because she was fed up off his cheating business and for that she took a extreme step and ended her life in the year 2016.