Six held,Kidnapping case solved within 24 hours,by Parapana Agrahara police

Six held,Kidnapping case solved within 24 hours,by Parapana Agrahara police :

The Southeast division police have solved kidnapping case and rescued a 52 year old mechanical engineer within 24 hours .

Six persons has been arrested on charges kidnapping.

The six accused have been identified as Satyavelachari, 24, a resident of Taverekere, and his five associates Yeshwanth Yadav, 20, Vinod Kumar, 21, Sanjay Reddy, 20, Shekhar, 20, and Jagannath, 23.

Shivakumar, employee of a multinational company and brother-in-law of the late Kannada film actor Vajramuni, was abducted from his house in Singasandra on Sunday morning. The kidnappers approached him on the pretext of seeking guidance. According to the police, they asked him to step out of the house for a quick discussion. When he obliged, they shoved him into a car and drove away.

DCP Southeast,Dr.Borlingaiah told media persons,sathya hired a gang,and on April 8th sathya approached Shivakumar to see interior designs for their upcoming project,after taking up the investigation we learnt satya’s role with the family sathya who played as a victim card made the mistake,with the vital clues. We had a doubt earlier on the interior decorator.Once we arrested all the accused it is now clear that he was the mastermind.Shivakumars face was closed and his limbs tied then after covering some distance they made an excuse to put satya out of the vehicle as he is very fat they shifted him to another vehicle.Apart from satya all others are from Kolar district.Three of them have criminal history with kidnap cases and one with a 307 case against him.Jaganath is a Rowdy sheeter he added.

Cops who played as hero and rescued a kidnapped man .

It was on April 9th 2018,Suma and her relative visited Parapana Agrahara police station as she was tensed and she dint sleep last night as her husband was kidnapped on April 8th 2018.

Addl CP,East,Seemanth Kumar Singh told media persons that Shivakumar a employee in a multinational company and a part time realtor,on April 8th he left around 2pm with satya from his house located in sarvjnyanagar,Shivakumar did not return home even by late evening, a worried suma calls his relative and friends to check is her husband with them and they said her that they saw him last at 4pm.At around 11pm Suma receives a call from her husband mobile number Shivakumar informs suma that he has been kidnapped by a gang and they wanted 1 Crore rupees ransom amount and the call was disconnected and later the phone was switch off.Worried suma immediately rushed to Parappana Agrahara police station and narrated the incident to them.As soon as the inspector,Chethan Kumar of Parapana Agrahara police station collected all the information he immediately informed the DCP Southeast Dr.Borlingaiah that Shivakumar who is a brother in law of legendry actor vajramuni has been kidnapped.Taking it as sensitive and seriousness in the case,DCP,Southeast Dr.Borlingaiah immediately formed a 6 special teams with inspectors as Parapana Agrahara,Koramangala,Mico layout,Electronic city and Begur police station inspector and crime staff swung into action.They started investigation by taking all the information from suma suma told them a person by name satya a interior decorator was regular to their house.He has worked in the several more apartments in their family from last 2 years.On Sunday Satya and Shivakumar went to check the interior designs for an upcoming project.They took Shivakumar along in a white innova car.As she spokes to the cops suma receives a second call from the kidnappers this time too she received a call from Shivakumar’s number.The kidnappers claimed that they have kidnapped satya and Shivakumar and demanded ransom of Rs.1 Crore to release them if not they will kill Shivakumar.The cops asked suma to speak to the kidnappers and bring them to some negotiable amount and agree to give the amount and ask where we need to get the amount and all the kidnapper even warned her not to go to police and file complaint finally they agreed for Rs.35 lakh and asked her to come to Sarjapur circle with the money.Police made a trap but suma trapped and walked as said by the kidnappers the kidnappers associates was following her movements to find out whether she has approached the police.Again the kidnapper called suma that after telling you so much you dint listen and went to police station for this suma confronted and made him convince that she dint go to cops and you dint gave me the correct location she said I am new to that area and all but he dint listen to her and disconnected the call.Meanwhile our team were on lookout to satya’s innova car.As it is election season the police conduct strict checks at tollgates the police got a information that a similar vehicle with 6 persons at a Hosakotte check post and the team started studying the CCTV footages around 100 CCTV cameras were analysed by the team and they spotted the vehicle at the busy junction in the Kolar.Mobile records with other technical inputs collaborated by team it gave a location to Srinivasapura in Kolar.Police formed teams and look at every corners of Srinivasapura to trace the vehicle local residence were also involved in the search finally the police spotted a vehicle at a turn in the town,soon a constable in a civilian bike went near to the SUV and spoke to the driver in the pretext of asking address the driver smelled something was wrong he immediately started the vehicle the daring constable held on to the vehicle he was dragged with the vehicle for almost half a kilometer and finally have to give up he sustained grievous injuries on his hand this was a major breakthrough in the case the constable immediately alerted the police team about the vehicle the kidnappers then understood that police are behind them and they abandoned the vehicle and decided to shift to an another location Shivakumar along with them.The police team were smart enough there then they gave a dramatic chase to the kidnappers vehicle after a long chase like a movie style kidnappers realised they could not shake of the cops they abondonded the vehicle and escaped.The cops immediately caught hold of driver and took him into custody and checked the vehicle and found Shivakumar in the vehicle and rescued him safely within 24 hours the cops started questioning the driver and the driver spilled the beans and based on his information we arrested all the six people who are involved in this kidnapping and we have arrested the mastermind Satya who has hatched the kidnap plan as during interrogation he spilled the beans that he was in bad need of money and had all information that Shivakumar has sold his properties and has got good money so he approached him to ask for finance but he denied so he hatched a plan of kidnapping him with his associates and played a mastermind to get money but the cops has done a tremendous job who has foiled their plan and arrested all the accused and rescued the victim within 24 hours.And finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner,T Suneel Kumar, Addl CP East, Seemanth Kumar Singh,has appreciated,DCP Southeast Dr.Borlingaiah,ACP,Electronic city,PI Chethan Kumar and other inspectors and his crime team have done a fantastic job they have solved the entire case within 24 hours and also secured the victim I congratulate the southeast division staff and officers everyone will be rewarded appropriately he added.