Indian Students Learned Korean rituals
Vivek Sharma: New Delhi: 220 Indian Students enjoyed and participated in ‘Seollal Celebration Week’ organized by Korean Cultural Center India at its center. The celebration introduced Korean tradition and culture related to Korean New Year (Lunar New Year).  Students from Amity University, Jamia Milia Islamia University and King Sejong Institute – (Korean language Institute in India) learned about Seollal – the first day of the lunar calendar, which is considered as one of the most significant traditional holidays in Korea.

Kim Kum-pyoung, director of Korean Cultural Centre, said that this celebration event is a big opportunity to share the sentiment, flavor, taste, propriety of Korea. He also mentioned that it will remind us of the historical relationship and strong ties between India and Korea through sharing the tradition of Seollal, which is showing appreciation for each other, especially to family members.

The celebration of Seollal is meaningful for Korean, not only because it’s a day for family gathering, but also because it’s a time for paying respect to elders and ancestors.  This year along with learning the meaning of Seollal through a video and quiz, the students experienced Hanbok (Korean traditional costume), traditional games, and Korean food.

Through the learning experiences, students found the Korean culture that emphasized on proprieties, respect to the seniors and family. Student had a chance to give New Year’s greeting (bow) to their professors in Korean way.

KCCI, which has been hosting the annual celebration since 2013. The celebration was enjoyed by management members, library members, students and staff members. Traditional games were played, and Tteokguk, special dish for the day, was served to set the atmosphere of the holiday.