AashmeenMunjaal and Angelo Garini Two excellences celebrate their partnership!

AashmeenMunjaal  and Angelo Garini, celebrate their new born partnership! Two unique excellences in the extraordinary world of beauty, art and luxury start to collaborate to involve people in a magic world that presents Italy as  wedding destination for luxurious celebrations and events.

AashmeenMunjaalis an Indian  luxury consultant and  an established name in the field of makeovers!

Make-up is an art of making one beautiful. You can make someone beautiful, only if u can feel the make-up magic. I am not blessed with beautiful skin or features. But, with make-up, I can feel myself presentable. If I can feel good with the make-up so, can you. So feel good and enjoy make-up and hair.”

In Delhi, with a basic start she has travelled a long way spreading the magic with her brush. Journey of her in the world of beauty was no less than a roller coaster ride.She learnt and further polished her Make-up skills under the guidance of renowned Bollywood Make-up gurus. After gaining long experience of assisting National artists, she went to London School of advanced Make-up to polish her skills. Equipped with a special academic skills acquired at London School of Make-up,City& Guild University U.K., and working with best of Europe’s Make -up artists like Naveeda, Joshiv&Jawaad added some more feathers on her hat. Working under such international Make-up specialists gave an international touch to her Indian Make-up style.In 2003, she participated in an advanced crash course in Media and Model Make-ups by French Make-up Artist WalerScherderm in the quest of enhancing her already exceptional Make-up skills.

Her excellence is at par both professional as well as personal level. Making everyone beautiful with her magic wand is a passion for her. Ramp shows, Fashion Weeks, Beauty Pageants, Music videos are the regular busy schedules other than Magazine shoots, Ad films and Model portfolios. But the field, which is Aashmeen’s domain, is classic Indian Bridal Make-up.

Angelo Gariniis an eclectic Italian architect and creative event designer whose professional path has led him to becomeknown as the “architect of dreams”.

My job is none otherthan the concrete expression of what I have alwaysbreathed and loved. Passion for design, art,collecting and antiques combined with creativity, alove of flowers and a taste for refined dining .These passions arise from a way of life as well asfrom my background and the history of my familymeaning that I do what I do not out of personalinterest but as an expression of myself through myown personal concept of the art of living”.

His aim is to let you feel emotions throughexperiencing artistic beauty, creating unique andunforgettable moments. A poignant experience that

touches emotions is the most refined and exclusiveform of contemporary luxury, therefore, the creationof a wedding or of an event is a way for us to makeyou live what you have always dreamed of and letyou remember your experience.Imagine to follow a path that immerses you in areal fairy tale set in place of infinite grace, whereyou can sense history, the harmony of natureand the music of artistic beauty.We will open the doors of ancient buildings andfascinating castles for you, we will take youthrough the gates of wonderful parks and secretgardens, you will discover magical romanticvillages steeped in history.

Once you have tasted flight, you will foreverwalk the earth with your eyes turned skyward,for there you have been, and there you willalways long to return”……

As Leonardo da Vinci said, Angelo Garini would replace flight withthe experience of getting to know Italy in all itsinfinite, immutable and multifaceted beauty.Italy is really wonderful, impressive, amazing andunique, a magical place where he was born andraised and where he has been lucky enough to liveand whose beauty  he is deeply in love with.  

            These two personalities will create your own personalized event,your wedding, your special occasion, proposingthemes, suggestions, unique atmospheres, takinginspiration from the Italian tradition of hospitality or fromyour own traditions and style