Pejawar seer recovering after hernia surgery:

“Nation Prays for his Speedy Recovery”.
Pejawar seer undergoes hernia surgery, shifted to ICU.
Doctors treating “The seer told reporters that the seer to us. He is in good spirits. He expressed happiness over the services rendered by the doctors at the hospital,” he added.
Pejawar shree vishveshatheertha got admitted to Manipal KMC hospital this morning as he is suffering from Hernia.The Pontiff refused treatment until his pain aggravated and the other seers in the mutt forced him to get it operated.
The senior most and the most important seer of shree krishna mutt Pejawar shree is about 86 years old though he was active and going about his activities independently he is being suffering from  Hernia he finally decided to get it operated he got admitted to Manipal KMC hospital this morning the Pejawar seer underwent to a surgery of Hernia from which he has been suffering for a while now however as it is a minor surgery Pejawar seer will be discharged from the hospital 18 hours after the completion of the surgery. Though the seer has been suffering from Hernia for a long time now he had not taken it seriously as it did not trouble him much. Of late his pain aggravated and with the advice of doctors he thought of getting it operated.Well before going to hospital Pejawar shree himself spoke to the media and said that there is nothing to worry about as it is a minor surgery he also added that the doctors has advised him to take two days rest after the surgery.
Vishveshatheertha sree padaru pontiff Pejawar mutt, speaking to media persons before getting surgery he said I have been suffering from hernia for a long time now.But it had not troubled me much.Recently it has been troubling and I have been suffering from pain.So if I delay  it further,it would cause problems.Some events and programmes are also coming up.The doctors advised to get it operated as it would be better.It is a minor surgery and noone needs to worry about it.There is no problem and doctors have taken precautionary measures he added.
Though the ifftar feast at the Pejawar shree mutt has created lot of ster recently wishes poured in from the members of the Islamic faith too. They offered prayers in front of the hospital gate they wished to his speedy recovery and hoped he would returned to the mutt soon.
Ansar Ahmed Community chief told media persons,As Pejawar shree is unwell he has arrived at the KMC hospital.We offered prayers to the god on behalf of the whole Muslim community in the front of the hospital for his successful surgery speedy recovery.The seer requested us not to gather in large numbers and create problems.Respecting his words,only a few of us have offered prayers here.We wish him a speedy recovery he added.
In the absence of Pejawar shree his subordinate vishva Prasanna theertha will be handling and offering puja’s and prayers at the mutt for a week well we to wish the Pejawar sree a speedy recovery and hope he resumes his work soon.
He also chanted mantras and did some walking in the room. The seer had also consumed milk and “sajjige ganji.” “The seer is keen to return to conduct pujas to the idol of Lord Krishna at the Sri Krishna Mutt/Temple. But the doctors had said that they wanted to keep him under observation and will decide on his discharge after conducting a check-up on Tuesday,” the doctors told reporters.
Vishveshatheertha Pejawar seer  was taken to the Operation Theatre at the hospital at 11.30 a.m. After the operation, he was shifted to the ICU at around 1 p.m.
“The doctors who operated upon the seer told reporters that the latter had cooperated well.The seer would be shifted to a special room in the hospital on Monday morning.The doctors said that they would decide on when to discharge the seer from the hospital they said .
Vishwaprasanna Tirtha Swami, junior seer of Pejawar Mutt, met and spoke to Vishwesha Tirtha at the hospital in the evening. In the absence of the senior seer, Vishwaprasanna Tirtha is performing the “pujas” at the Sri Krishna Mutt or Temple.
Tradition bars the Paryaya seer from leaving the Car Street during his two-year tenure, when he occupies the Paryaya Peetha, also called the Sarvajna Peetha, at the 800-year-old Sri Krishna Mutt or Temple. Even when the Paryaya seer suffers from minor health ailments, doctors meet him and treat him. However, in the present case, the matter involved a surgical procedure.
“Usually, the Paryaya seer does not leave the Car Street. But this is a special case. Hence, the opinion of the other seers of the Ashta Mutts (or eight mutts) available was taken and they agreed that the Pejawar seer should go to the hospital for the surgical treatment,” Mr. Acharya further expressed his statement to media persons.
In the morning, a Dhanvantri Homa was performed and a group of disciples under the guidance of Vishwaprasanna Tirtha chanted mantras at the Rajangana Hall here praying for the good health of Vishwesha Tirtha.
Pramod Madhwaraj, Minister of State for Fisheries, Youth Empowerment and Sports, and Sugunendra Tirtha Swami of Puttige Mutt, were among those who visited the Pejawar seer at the Kasturba Hospital.