Drunk Ambulance driver and School Van Driver Caught by Halasurgate and Bytarayanpura traffic Police in Bengaluru

* How safe is to hire an Ambulance .
* So even Ambulance are not safe !
* Drunk ambulance driver on rampage .
The Halasurgate traffic police inspector Mohammed Ali and his staff arrested a 35-year-old ambulance driver for drunk driving on Thursday.
They (Ambulance) are known as life saviours.They worship the vehicle as it ferries the patient in the moment of emergency.But here’s a man who can shatter all your hopes and beliefs as an ambulance driver of private hospital Sanjeevni nursing home was caught for drunk and drive on Thursday noon at Devanga Junction .
Even the presidents and other ministers give way to ambulances the drivers are even saluted for the work they do.A dieing patient can be saved when an ambulances bridge between the patients and the hospital.
At around 12 noon the Halasurgate traffic cops were doing their duty as usual at corporation circle they saw a Sanjeevni ambulance belonging to private hospital being driven rashly and jumping the traffic signal when the on duty junction cops tried to stop the ambulance as it was heading without siren and also been rashly driven and the driver of the ambulance tried to escape the cops got suspect on the driver and the alert cops stopped him at the Devanga Junction and later on they took him to station .
Mohammed Ali inspector told media person that this noon we were on our usual check. We suspected the driver.Also when we went ahead to check we got to know his state.He was drunk while driving
and when we checked his alcohol content it was 129mg and he is not a new guest to the police as two cases have been previously filed against him the cases are using mobile phone while driving and driving rashly with patients in the ambulance as when the two instances for which cases have been registered the Halasurgate gate traffic cops have filed a case against Kantharaju and seized the vehicle and taken him to custody.We have now him and informed to his company about it we will take further action he said .
Drunk Driver identifed as Kantharaju denies all the allegation he said in his statement to the media persons that he was driving from yeshwanthpur to shantinagar.But Kantharaju denies to have drunk today and says yesterday’s alcohol content is been shown . He said yesterday was my week off so I was drunk. When I was on the way they stopped my ambulance and told me to to park the vehicle when asked what happened they took my documents and verified they told me to bring the ambulance to the police station and brought me here he says .
Meanwhile in the morning the inspector has even caught the water tanker who was also indulged in driving rashly .DCP Traffic East, Abhishek Goyal tweeted and said that Water Tankers carry necessary water, still they have no right to ride like a river he added .
VES college Bus Drunk Driver held by Bytarayanpura traffic police .
Meanwhile in the west division also Bytarayanpura traffic Inspector Balakrishna and his staff who were conducting special drive on mysore road in the early morning on suspect basis they flagged down a VES college Bus in which he was ferrying school children policeman flagged the vehicle down. He got suspicious when he noticed the driver behaving in a peculiar manner and trying to avoid speaking. When subjected to an alcometer test, the driver was found to have consumed alcohol beyond the permissible limits we booked a case against him for drunk and drive and seized the vehicle and our cops took children’s to their school said by senior officer.
Morning school driver, now this ambulance driver and even Water tankers are also on our priority list said by Additional Commissioner of Police Traffic R Hitendra on twitter.
Menace continues while the hospitals turn a blind eye said Bengaluru city police commissioner Praveen Sood on twitter. And finally he said Even squeezing also cannot escape our officers attention as the alert cops have saved life of innocent children and innocent people as they have escaped the big mishap,and finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner, Praveen Sood appreciated R Hitendra, additional CP Traffic,his DCPs as,Abhishek Goyal,Dr.Shobarani V J,ACPs as Nataraj and Shivashankar and especially their PIs Mohammed Ali of Halasurgate traffic and Balakrishna of Bytarayanpura traffic and their staff for their good efforts and commendable job done by them he added .
At least more than 10 cases of drunk driving have been filed against school bus and ambulance drivers in Bengaluru this year. Bengaluru Police are now asking hospitals and schools to buy alcometers and conduct regular checks on the drivers.