Actor Darshan and his gang offered Rs.5 Crore to close the murder case;Use of Sec 144, Shamiyana Curtain for Annapoorneshwarinagar police station, opposition objections

Pramesh S Jain & Dr.Thomas (Sub-Editor)


nvestigations into the kidnap torture and brutal murder of 33-year-old Renukaswamy continue as a team of police took Raghavendra,to Chitradurga for spot inspection.

It was Raghavendra,43,resident of Doddapete in Chitradurga and A4 in the case is close aide and runs Darshan fans club in Chitradurga.

Raghavendra based on Pavithra Gowda A1 in the case, Raghavendra traced Renukaswamy who turned out to be a die hard fan of Darshan.

Raghavendra offered Renukaswamy that he would arrange a meeting with Darshan and gave him the date of meeting .

As per the plan Renukaswamy came to Challekere gate enthusiastically on a scooter and called Raghavendra that he had come .

The police as part of the Spot Inspection recovered the CCTV footage from in and around the area where it was recorded Renukaswamy was passing-by on his scooter heading towards Challekere gate .

As per the plan,Raghavendra hired a cab driven by A8, Ravi and took Renukaswamy in a car after he parked his scooter and headed to Bengaluru .

Raghavendra on the way called the accused and informed that he is coming with Renukaswamy to meet Darshan.

The other accused as per the plan ganged up and waited for them to receive and take Renukaswamy to Pattanagere shed belonging to A10 accused Vinay’s uncle Jayanna,rented to park seized vehicles.

Meanwhile massive manhunt continue to track down four other accused identified as A6,Jagadisha,A7,Anu, A8,Ravi,A9,Raju,who have accompanied Renukaswamy from Chitradurga to Bengaluru and handed over to the accused .

One among the 13 accused confess :

While the accused giving different version and some of them including A2,Darshan refused to admit his crime, Deepak,A13 confessed to the crime and volunteered to be approver .

While Darshan maintained that even though he visited the shed where Renukaswamy was held hostage and tortured,he said he returned and nothing to do with the murder,Deepak reportedly told the police that the Darshan along with the accused tortured and it was Darshan who out of rage kicked the private part of Renukaswamy.

The reason which police deciphered later was that Darshan was angry that Renukaswamy had put up a objectionable picture and comments on the account of Pavithra Gowda,abused her verbally for spoiling Darshan’s marriage life .

Darshan was reportedly angry that Renukaswamy had posted the picture of private part,and kicked on his groin region to teach him a lesson.

The police are now keeping Deepak separately and corroborating his statement with the evidence from the PM report which mentioned that Renukaswmay body had multiple injuries and bruises on his body indicating that he was tortured before being killed .

The police also seized a goods autorickshaw on thursday based on the statement of the accused that they had rammed Renukaswamy’s head against the vehicle and also tossed him in the air many times too and slammed against the ground many times .

Commissioner visited murder spot : PSI name cropped in the case :

As the investigations intensified,City Police commissioner,B Dayananda considering the magnitude of the case,visited the murder spot along with the FSL team on Thursday and discussed the progress of the case .

The accused said to have contacted a police sub inspector working in the city who is close to the accused and told him about the murder and sought his advise .

Based on his advise the accused carried the body in a SUV and dumped in the storm water drain in Kamakshipalya in the wee hours of June 9,anticipating that heavy rains would wash away the body.

The police are now keeping an eye on the police officer and analyzing his call record details to ascertain his possible involvement .

A senior police officer part of the investigation refuted the claim stating that they have not come across such information.

Responding to the quarries,DCP, West division,S Girish, who is in charge of the investigation,said during the investigation of this case we have to make sure that there is no deficiency or any shortcomings in the investigation.

This case is not like any other and is demanding in terms of efforts,forethought and volume.

Please bear with us as we are not able to disclose certain/many aspects of investigation to protect the sanctity of the case.

We are doing multi tasking in terms of collection of information and evidence.

The accused have to be taken to the crime spots for Mahazar and at the same time we maybe requiring certain urgent information from the accused for taking action elsewhere.

This is sometimes done through the phone calls.For a novice in investigation matters this may appear as a mischief but in reality it is not so.kindly co-operate in the effective and efficient completion of Investigation”.
Was money offered to doctors too :

After preparing a plan A of Surrendering Raghavendra, Karthik,Nikhil Nayak and Keshavamurthy to take the blame and surrender before the police,Deepak on behalf of Darshan gave ₹ 5 lakh each to Nikhil Nayak and Keshavamurthy and asured Raghavendra and Karthik that the money will be given to their families after they get into the prison.

Deepak also briefed the four on the reason and motive as financial dispute led to the murder and warned them that at any cost Darshan name should not come out .

The accused also told the police that Deepak assured to take care of the family and offered to pay around ₹ 30 lakh for the accused.

Meanwhile sources said Actor Darshan and his gang offered Rs.5 Crore to close the murder case.and 1 Crore to doctor who is part of the post mortem of Renukaswamy informed the police that he had offered bribe of ₹ 1 crore to fudge the report and make the cause of death natural .

The police reportedly asked the doctor to file a complaint to initiate investigations in this regard .

Meanwhile,the police on Thursday morning enforced prohibitory orders around the Annapoorneshwari Nagar police station and have covered the place with tent walls (shamiyana) to prevent media glare.

Police Commissioner B Dayananda was also at the police station. Media personnel were kept at a distance of 200 metres from the police station. This is perhaps for the first time that a police station has been covered up in such a manner.

Leader of opposition R Ashoka,condemned the government’s “failure to maintain law and order” while questioning the necessity of a “shamiyana” (tent) outside the Annapoorneshwari Nagar police station.

“Are we living in a conflict zone like Kashmir, or is Karnataka now a border area? Don’t our state police have the capability to investigate a straightforward murder case?” he asked.

To prevent media coverage, police have covered the station and imposed prohibitory orders within 200 metres of the premises, he said.