Road Rage Three arrested for chasing ambulance and assaulting driver near Nelamangala toll plaza,Rowdy sheet to be opened on Trio

Pramesh S Jain 

The Nelamangala rural police have arrested three people who had attacked an ambulance driver ferrying five month old baby to hospital for an emergency case in an inebriated state over road rage near Nelamangala toll gate on Sunday evening.

The accused identified as Yuvaraj Singh,Manjunath,

Lateesh and one more of their associate,chased the ambulance heading to Vani Vilas hospital from Tumakuru for emergency treatment of five month old baby .

The accused chased the ambulance and confronted the driver near toll gate over road rage dragged the driver John outside the ambulance and assaulted him.

They even snatched the keys of the vehicle when the parents of the baby pleading with the accused to let them go as the baby was critical and needed emergency treatment.

However the accused continue to assault John and created ruckus in the middle of the road until the patrolling vehicle reached and allow the ambulance to move further.

John later filed a complaint with the Nelamangala rural police followed by a protest by a group of ambulance driver seeking legal action against the attackers .

Based on the complaint and the details of the vehicle provided,the police have track down the trio and arrested them under assault and drunk driving and public nuisance .

It may be recalled that the wilson garden police arrested a city based realtor for harassing the ambulance driver carrying accident victim to NIMHANS and misbehaved with the police who tried to pacify him.

It’s an unfortunate and brazen incident.Accused persons have been arrested and investigation is on.Steps are being taken to get the Driving license cancelled.Rowdy sheet is going to be opened against all three accused persons says Alok Kumar, ADGP, Training,Traffic and Road Safety.