Manoda is enough,no need for qualification

Kiran Galla 

Jagan has turned Andhra Pradesh into an obstacle for the Asmadis,mainly the officers of the All India Services who belong to his community.

Bringing the Asmadians on deputation and carrying out key responsibilities,from Titi to the Ministry of Mines, Jagan’s ‘own’ men are their enablers for the corruption and cross-border exploitation of the leaders of the state.

Today,Amaravati:Jagan has turned Andhra Pradesh into an obstacle for the Asmadis,mainly the officers of the All India Services who belong to his community.

Some officers working at the Center and in various states were brought together on deputation.Even though they are not qualified for those posts,they are seated in key positions.Heads of important departments were made.

Besides being useful to Jagan,TDP sources allege that they have also managed their own affairs well at work.

All such officers are now trying to go back to their parent companies with the change of government. There are demands that the new government should take appropriate action against them.

Ghanudu’ who contributed to the exploitation of mines!:

VG Venkata Reddy,who is the Director of the Mines Department,has given full support to the looting of thousands of crores of sand,granite,gravel,clay,silica sand and quartz in the joint Nellore district by Vaikapa leaders in five years.

Even though Venkata Reddy,who is working as a civilian staff training officer in the Indian Coast Guard,was not good at governance affairs,he was brought in by Jagan and built the Ministry of Mines.

Apart from continuing in the same post for more than four years,he was also assigned the post of MD of AP Mineral Development Corporation (APMDC).

Chief Minister and Minister of Mines Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy looked at Venkat Reddy and got angry.

There are allegations that Venkat Reddy played a key role in stopping the sale of sand through APMDC and handing it over to a private company through tenders.

Venkat Reddy filed a complaint against Chandrababu CID and filed a case against Chandrababu for giving free sand to the people under TDP government.

Inspections in the granite,metal and silica sand quarries of the opposition leaders were threatened with heavy fines and they were made to be in the hands of the Vaikapa elders.

Happiness in Jagan’s eyes is his goal!:

Ramakrishna,an IRS officer who worked as IG and Commissioner of Registration and Stamps Department, would do anything for Jagan.

This loyalty is the reason why Jagan admires him even though he is not a member of his community.There are criticisms that there are loopholes in the rules related to partition and conveyance deed registrations.

In the guise of revising them,he increased the fees and imposed financial burden on the people and increased the market value of the land at will.

They don’t want the software that NIC gives for free. They assigned the responsibility of designing the software to the organization of close friends of Vaikapa elders and paid a loan of Rs.30 crores.

Address controversial decisions :

IFS officer Madhusudan Reddy was brought on deputation from Jagan Center and was first appointed as the MD of the State Mineral Development Corporation.

A year and a half ago,he was assigned as the MD of AP Fibernet.The opposition has alleged that a few months before the elections,Rs.350 crore was taken as a loan for the maintenance of CC cameras and the amount was diverted to other needs as per the government’s orders.

Operators have been given serious trouble in the name of increase in cable charges and pending dues.After the election results came out,he was attacked.

His agenda to defeat the opposition leaders!:

IRS officer Rajeshwar Reddy was brought on deputation by Jagan and appointed as MD of Education and Welfare Infrastructure Development Corporation (APEWIDC).

The ‘day-to-day’ work was looked after by that organization.The TDP sources are angry that he has violated the tender rules and squandered the public money heavily.

After that,Rajeshwar Reddy was appointed as the commissioner of the newly established Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI).

Opposition parties are alleging that DRI was established to attack the business establishments of opposition leaders and damage their financial sources, and Rajeshwar Reddy fulfilled that responsibility by working under Jagan’s instructions.

Asmadia is beautiful only for those who own it!

After Rajeshwar Reddy was changed from APEWDIC MD, Diwan Reddy who was brought on deputation from Railway Department was seated in that post.

The opposition has accused him of handing over works to his favored monopolists.

APEWDC has contracted with a monopolist to purchase 1.55 lakh fans in Badul,and in the first installment,3.14 lakh fans were taken.

A high profile company has concluded that they are of poor quality.Sources in TEDP have alleged that the contract for the supply of 1.50 lakh dual desks has also been violated.

The opposition is furious that there have been serious irregularities in matters like the establishment of Green Chalk Peace Boards and RV plants.

Hundreds of crores of advertisements for Jagan magazine!

Another key official in Jagan’s coterie is Vijaykumar Reddy,who has been the Commissioner of Information and Civil Relations for five years.

Apart from Jagan’s own magazine Sakshi, the government has been accused of paying hundreds of crores of rupees in the form of advertisements only for newspapers and TV channels.

There are allegations that he has turned the Information and Civil Relations Department into an employment center for Sakshi magazine and TV channel workers.

Dharma Reddy who turned Titi into his own empire:

Dharma Reddy of the Indian Defense Estates Service (IDES) is a trusted vassal of the YS family.Jagan’s closest friend.

The opposition says that he is bold in lobbying at the Delhi level in sensitive matters related to Jagan.That is why Jagan has given Dharma Reddy the EO post given to senior IAS.

Due to this,Dharma Reddy turned Titi into his own empire and went wild.There are allegations that Thithide’s funds have been spent at will by joining hands with Thithide’s Chairman Bhumana Karunakar Reddy.

Criticisms were raised that Karunakar Reddy demolished the buildings that were like deposits for commissions and called for tenders in a hurry.

The prices of rooms, prasadam and services of Swami on Tirumala hill were increased to the extreme and caused trouble to the common devotees.

He is the brand ambassador for Jay brand alcohol!

TDEPA sources allege that Vasudevaredde, who served as the MD of Andhra Pradesh State Beverages Corporation Limited (APSBCL),was the mastermind of the Jagan government’s five-year looting of J Brands liquor.

An IRTS officer, he was appointed as APSBCL MD on deputation from the central service within three months of Jagan’s assumption of power.

Later, he was given the responsibility of Commissioner of Distilleries and Breweries.

TDEPA sources allege that he played a key role in supplying liquor on a large scale to give undue benefit to the ruling party during the elections.

He was recently transferred by the Election Commission due to his controversial behavior.