Six including three Foreign National Drug peddlers arrested by Anti-Narcotics Wing CCB seized Synthetic Drugs Worth Rs.44 lakhs

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

The Anti-Narcotics Wing of the Central Crime Branch on Tuesday busted a inter state drug racket and arrested six peddlers including three foreign nationals,a manager with a car sales company and guitarist recovered Rs.44 lakh worth drugs including 54 gram MDMA Crystal, 410 grams of Hydro Ganja,18 kilos of Marijuana from them.

Senior officer told reporters,One among the accused is a salesman in a car marketing company ( cars 24) in Yelahanka .

The accused native of neighbouring state would source the drugs from his contacts and sell it to his customers .

Based on a tip off,a team of police,the CCB officials arrested the accused and recovered 8.1 kilos of Ganja worth Rs.8 lakh from him.

In a similar incident,the police arrested a guitarist who had come to city to learn and teach the music,before addicted to drugs and eventually turned to peddler .

The accused according to the police sourced Hydro Ganja from foreign country through dark net delivered through international courier service.

The CCB officials recovered 410 grams of Hydro ganja worth Rs.25 lakh from him.

In another incident,a food (swiggy)delivery boy from Rajagopalnagar who was delivering food and peddling drugs at the same time has been arrested by the CCB officials .

The police recovered 9 kilos of Ganja worth 6 lakh from him.According to the police the accused is from neighbouring state sourcing the drugs from his contact and operating in the city for the last three years to make quick money .

The CCB officials also arrested three foreign national in Hennur who had come to city on business visa five years ago and started peddling drugs .

The accused also roped in his brother to source synthetic drugs from his contact and selling it to his customers .

The officials also arrested two more foreign nationals who are involved in drug peddling and over staying in the city without travel documents.

The accused have been detained and produced before the FRRO remanding them to detention centre for further procedure .

city police commissioner B.Dayananda addressing the media appreciated the CCB team and also city police ongoing effort to tackle drug menace effectively, in different ways.

In an effort to address the drug menace in schools and colleges,the city police recently launched police marshals “at colleges across the city aimed at raising awareness,tackle the menace at different level and also ensure cyber security,which is posing a major challenged to the police and the people,Mr. Dayananda , said .

The city police aimed to cover around 25 colleges with 4,000 students working as police marshals to help the police to fight the menace .