Trio including former employee of cash management company arrested  for stealing 20L from ATM using his trick of trade recovered intact amount by Viveknagar police 

Dr.Thomas (Sub-Editor)

T he Viveknagar police on Friday arrested a gang of three including former employee of cash management company for stealing 20 lakh from an ATM using the trick of his trade the team has recovered intact amount within record time.

The accused identified as Murali Mohana,Potalu Sai Teja and Yerekala Venkatesha.

Murali was working as cash custodian in a cash management company which deposits cash in ATMs across the city.

In 2022 Murali quit the job and ganged up with Venkatesh from the same district of ananthapur who worked in the same company and hatched a plan .

Senior officer told reporters,it is said that the cash custodian will be given two sets of passwords of 6 digits.

Murali accessed the password and with the help of venkatesh went to the ATM in Viveknagar opened the ATM cash box and escaped with the cash which he had deposited earlier.

The theft came to light when customers complained no cash and management checked to find cash along with murali were missing.

Based on the complaint the police analysed the CCTV footage before zeroing in on the accused from their home town.

Murali told the police that he had he’s only indebted and discussed with Venkatesh who also in dire need of money to hatch the plan they said and further investigation is on.