Mineral water can supplier turned Drug peddler arrested for peddling drugs recovered 930 grams Marijuana drugs

Yogesh K Porwar & Siddarath Sethia

The Byadarahalli police on Sunday arrested an 18-year-old mineral water supplier and recovered 930 grams of Marijuana and Rs.1400 from him.

The accused has been identified as,Dhanush a mineral water can supplier turned peddler.

Senior officer told reporters,the Bydarahalli police inspector received a tip off that a person near D Group layout near park is peddling drugs and it is waiting for his client to deliver drugs.

Based on the credible information a team headed by PI,Ravikumar RG and team rushed near the park and surrounded the area and kept a watch on him when he was dealing with his clients the team secured him red handed while peddling drugs.

During investigation the accused confessed the crime and revealed that he was peddling drugs in the city along with his usual work to avoid undue attention .

We suspect that the accused is part of the inter state racket,sourced the drugs from his contact in neighbouring state and peddling in the city .

The Bydarahalli police have taken Dhanush into custody and investigating to ascertain his network.

Finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner,C H Pratap Reddy has appreciated Addl CP West, Sandeep Patil,DCP West,Laxman B Nimbargi,ACP, Ravi,PI,Ravikumar RG,PSI,as,Muralidhar B,and crime staff as,Gurudev,Kantharaju,Naveen,has been appreciated for the exemplary and excellent work done by them in nabbing the Notorious drug peddler who think he is more genius then cops that he will divert their attention by working as mineral water tank supplier and peddle drugs and make easy buck and become Rich lead a lavish lifestyle is now cooling his heels in jail he added.