Shining Stars Take Center Stage at 3rd ICJ Global Awards!

The prestigious 3rd ICJ Global Awards, held under the joint aegis of the International Council for Journalists (ICJ) and the Newspaper Association of India (NAI), recently concluded at SGT University. The ceremony was a dazzling display of talent, with luminaries from across India and enthusiastic students from SGT University and other institutions in attendance.

This international award program saw nominations pouring in from all corners of the country. Among the 25 finalists, the immensely talented Radha Bhatt emerged victorious in the Best Actress category. Her exceptional performance in the web series “Sunflower” captivated audiences nationwide.

also celebrated excellence in comedy, with the iconic Deepak Saini, a veteran of Laughter Challenge and a ubiquitous presence across Indian comedy channels, receiving the Best Comedian award. The digital Kalakaar was recognized with the Best Digital Platform award going to a team of content creators lauded for their clean, positive videos promoting love, peace, and unity.

Radio found its voice through the awards bestowed upon Ashish, a countrywide influencer and beloved radio personality, who was named Best Influencer, and RJ Atishay, whose captivating voice and engaging content earned him the Best Radio Jockey title.

The ceremony paid Respect to the pillars of Indian media, with prominent news anchors Rashid Hashmi, Purnima Mishra, and Jaya Mishra taking home Best News Anchor awards. Yogesh Bhatt’s noteworthy contributions to print media were acknowledged with the Best Journalist in Print Media award.

This celebration of excellence was graced by esteemed members of the ICJ and NAI, including President Vipin Gaur, Vice President Ajay Kumar, NAI Secretary Ananth Kumar, Vice President Om Prakash Sharma, and Cultural Secretary Vivek Sharma.

The 3rd ICJ Global Awards served as a beacon of inspiration, recognizing not only established stars but also the rising talents shaping India’s media landscape. The emphasis on clean content and positive messaging leaves a hopeful message for the future of entertainment and media in the country