Pure Entertainment Takes Center Stage: “Digital Kalakaar” Wins Best Social Platform at ICJ Awards!


Digital Kalakaar, a rising star in the Indian digital landscape, has taken home the prestigious “Best Social Platform” award at the recent 3rd ICJ Global Awards. The ceremony, held at SGT University, Gururam, was a star-studded event with renowned comedian Deepak Saini, popular content creators Ashish and Atishay, prominent news anchors like Rashid Hashmi and Purnima Mishra, and many more digital influencers in attendance.

Digital Kalakaar stands out from the crowd with its focus on positive and peaceful content. Their philosophy? Great entertainment doesn’t require negativity. “We believe impactful videos can be made using pure language and spiritual and peace content,” says the Digital Kalakaar team. They advocate for family-friendly content that can be enjoyed by all ages, fostering unity and togetherness.

“We are thrilled to be recognized on such a prestigious platform,” the Digital Kalakaar team shared with the media. “Sharing the stage with these accomplished personalities motivates us even further.” Harish Sharma, a key member of the team, expressed their commitment to clean content: “We are dedicated to creating engaging videos that promote spiritual peace and unity. Our goal is to inspire the next generation to embrace a positive path.”

Digital Kalakaar’s win highlights a growing trend: a shift towards responsible and mindful content creation. Their success proves that positivity and clean entertainment can resonate with audiences and even win awards.