Man arrested for stabbing mechanic friend to death over financial row

Pramesh S Jain 

The Srirampura police have arrested a 45-year-old man for murdering his friend over a financial row and dumped his body under railway bridge on May 1.

The police recovered the highly decomposed body of bike mechanic,Dilip, from LN Pura and began to probe .

Investigations revealed that Dilip had given Rs.20,000 loan to his friend Vittal Pandu few months ago and started demanding Vittal to return the money.

Probe revealed that Dilip was harassing,humiliating and hurled abuses whenever he confronted Vittal .

Unable to bear harassment, Vittal decided to teach him a lesson and called Dilip on his phone to return the money .

On May 1,Vittal as per the plan called Dilip in an isolated place near Railway bridge.

As per the plan he threw chilli powder into Dilip’s eyes as soon as he arrived to stop him from fleeing and stabbed him multiple times, killing on the spot said a senior officer.