Home alone woman found dead under mysterious circumstances at the house of her daughter in Kodigehalli

Yogesh K Porwar & Sunil Lohan 

A 48-year-old home alone woman was found dead under under mysterious circumstance at the house of her daughter in Ganesh Nagar in Kodigehalli on Friday.

The deceased Shobha S,was living with her second daughter Harshitha who had gone to her husband house living mother alone at home.

On Friday evening she called Shobha to check,but the mobile phone was switched off.Worried Harshitha called her elder sister Supriya and father Shankar to check on mother.

The duo went to the house and found her dead while sleeping and the valuables including the gold chain, mobile phone and the car she was using,were missing .

Supriya in her complaint to the police that someone had murdered her mother and robbed her valuables .

Based on the complaint,the police have registered a case of murder and are investigating.