Some fake Online news channels are acting like mafia,should be contained immediately says Binish Thomas,Member of Media and Entertainment Department of the Government of India

Pramesh S Jain 

Digital media and social media is becoming Mafia in the name of infotainment and create fear psychosis in the society,says,senior journalist.

Speaking to the media he said on behalf of ICJ we are demanding the Ministry of I& B to take strong action against those online media which are blackmailing people threatening to spread false news about them.

The central government is drafting rules to regulate such channels and we are also stressing strong action against them from our side,he said .

There are some exceptions and some channels are airing news which are helping members of general public and genuinely working but the number of fake online news channels are increasing for monitory gain illegally,he said.

There are some government officials involved in this having nexus with these blackmailing channels.They work like mafia and need to be stopped immediately for the good of the society.He added.

We have a list of such officials having nexus and we are going to share the list with the department concerned says Binish Thomas.

The state government should also draft rules and issue accreditation cards to genuine channels to contain.They not only blackmailing and involved in illegal activities but also bring bad names to the journalist fraternity.