M.Lakshman was born as a vokkaliga and is following the path of becoming a Vishwamanava as per Kuvempu’s aspirations:CM Siddaramaiah

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

*Take the election as a challenge and teach the BJP a lesson for the betrayal of trust and betrayal of the people:CM Siddaramaiah calls.

CM Siddaramaiah called upon to take this Lok Sabha election as a challenge and teach BJP a lesson for betraying the trust of the people.

He addressed the public meeting held after submission of nomination papers for Mysore-Kodagu Lok Sabha constituency by Congress candidate M.Laxman.

We don’t do things that just emotionally stir people up and set their lives on fire.We don’t hurt people’s feelings.Instead,we will create a programme to improve people’s lives while respecting their feelings,he said.

Life is important to people.Due to price rise,during my first term as Chief Minister,we have implemented many Bhagya programs.

As Chief Minister for the second time,five guarantees have been implemented in eight months and every beneficiary family is saving Rs.4-5 thousand per month. He said that this is reducing the hardships of people’s lives.’

In fear of defeat,false propoganda is going on against Congress candidate Laxman.M.Lakshman was born as an Vokkaliga and he is walking on the path of becoming a Vishwamanava,following Kuvempu’s aspirations the CM said.

Amit Shah has come to election campaign and is telling lies upon lies.It has been five months since the central team reported about the drought.

Till date,not a single rupee has been released for Kannadigas’ share.I will retire from politics if you prove your lies as truth.If not,what are you going to do? Decide for yourselves, the CM challenged.

*You are Lakshman:Give me a great lead and increase my strength.

Those who have come here are all Lok Sabha candidates.If Lakshman wins here,I win.If Congress wins,then truth wins.

The CM asked to accept this election as a challenge and teach BJP a lesson for their betrayal of trust.

KPCC President DCM D.K.Shivakumar,Minister K. Venkatesh,KPCC working president Tanveer Seth, Ashraya committee president Dr.Yathindra Siddaramaiah and candidate M.Laxman were present. The CM and others called upon the people to make Congress win and save the country’s economy and protect democracy.