Mamata Banerjee slams Khalistani comment made by Suvendu Adhikari-Sikh community demands Suvendu’s expulsion from BJP, legal action to be taken by Police

Abhijit Ray,

Kolkata: Mamata Banerjee has repeatedly accused the BJP of playing divisive politics.Recently,Suvendu’s ‘Khalistani’remark on a Sikh IPS officer has further strengthened the allegations.

After Tuesday,Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday opposed the Leader of Opposition’s remarks.

On the occasion of International Mother Language Day, she again took a dig at the BJP from the stage of Deshapriya Park.

Mamata also raised the issue of cancellation of Aadhaar.On Tuesday,BJP workers including Suvendu Adhikari,Shankar Ghosh,Agnimitra Paul were stopped at Dhamakhali on their way to Sandeshkhali.

On Tuesday,BJP workers including Suvendu Adhikari, Shankar Ghosh,Agnimitra Paul were stopped at Dhamakhali on their way to Sandeshkhali.

A scuffle broke out between BJP workers and police in Dhamakhali.The BJP workers allegedly called Superintendent of Police Jaspreet Singh a ‘Khalistani’. Hitting out at Suvendu over the issue at the Language Day function,Mamata said,

“What is the fault of the Punjabi officer,he is doing duty. There are Sikh,Gorkha regiments in the Indian force.If someone wearing a turban he or she can’t be tagged as Khalistani or if someone’s religion is Islam,he or she can’t be tagged as ‘Pakistani” .

How many times have I been mocked? I don’t care. Suddenly 2-1 has sprung up.The stigma of Bengal.I tell those who are tarnishing Bengal that they will be fine the next day.

Even if you want to be bad,we don’t want bad.I will just say that Bengal does not know how to bow down ”.

Meanwhile,Mamata has also raised the tone of the Aadhaar problem that has been going on for a week. It is good to say that under pressure from the Trinamool leadership, including Mamata Banerjee,Sukanta Majumdar and Suvendu Adhikari approached Amit Shah to solve the Aadhaar problem.

The problem of cancellation of Aadhaar card in Jamalpur of Burdwan has been resolved.However,fresh allegations of cancellation of Aadhaar came to light on Wednesday in Malda,Krishnaganj and Hasnabad in Nadia.

On this issue,Mamata once again attacked the Center from the stage of the Language Day program,saying, “There is a heinous conspiracy on the Aadhaar card.We resisted.It takes us a second to decide.

Plans for NRC,detention camps.The cards of the Matuas have been deactivated.5 Years Foreigner.Give me a new card later.The voting game.We don’t believe in the vote.I believe in humanity.Mamata alleged that the BJP, which believes in “divisive politics”, is trying to tear apart the culture of Bengal.

They are conspiring to impose everything.Meanwhile, the Sikh community is demanding Suvendu’s expulsion from BJP. “As per BJP, every person wearing a turban is a Khalistani,” the CM said.

“I vehemently condemn this attempt to undermine the reputation of our Sikh brothers and sisters, revered for their sacrifices and unwavering determination to our nation. We stand firm in protecting Bengal’s social harmony and will take stern measures to prevent any attempts to disrupt it.

Meanwhile,West Bengal police share the video and intimated that strongest legal action will be initiated against the accused.