Tata Group’s market value surpasses Pakistan’s economy:Report says TCS’s alone profit is higher than half of Pakistan’s debt-ridden economy!”

Abhijit Ray,

Kolkata: This news has exposed the poor condition of Pakistan’s economy on the one hand and the huge market value and financial wealth of the Tata group on the other.

According to a recent report,the market value of the Tata group has exceeded Pakistan’s GDP or Gross Domestic Product.

In the recent past,many companies of this group have been increasing due to great returns in the share market.

On the other hand,Pakistan is struggling with inflation by increasing the burden of debt.

According to the report, the total market capitalization of the Tata Group is about $ 365 billion or 30 lakhs.

According to the IMF or International Monetary Fund, Pakistan’s economy stood at $ 341 billion in the storm.

According to recent reports, the market value of TCS alone is $ 170 billion, about Rs 15 lakh crore in Indian currency. According to the IMF, TCS alone accounts for half of Pakistan’s debt-ridden economy.

Tata Motors is one of the claimants of Tata’s sparkling wealth. Those who are showing the company a huge amount of profit every year.

It is known that the dividend is increasing every new year. In the last one year, the share price of Tata Motors has increased by 110 percent.

Tata Technologies,TRF, Banaras Hotels,Tata Investment Corporation,Automobile Corporation of Goa and Artson Engineering are among the gainers.

There are 25 Tata Group companies listed on the stock exchange. Only one company,Tata Chemical, fell 5 per cent.

Pakistan, on the other hand, has been facing an unprecedented financial crisis since the beginning of 2023. Islamabad has a debt burden of $25 billion.

The Pakistani government has to take loans to repay their debts. On the other hand, India’s economy has reached 3.7 trillion.

Which is 11 times more than Pakistan’s economy. Tata group, a global MNC,established in 1868,it is India’s largest and topmost conglomerate,with products and services in over 175 countries,and operations in 100 countries across six continents.

There are 39 publicly listed Tata Group companies with a combined market capitalisation of ₹30.7 trillion (US$370 billion) as of February 19th, 2024.