Unraveling the Truth: The Complex Case of Deception and Manipulation in Land Dealings

Special Correspondent

“A captivating fairy tale,a narrative filled with incredible events, was narrated by a land grabber and a person accused of rape, and it was believed by officials who then took legal action against multiple individuals.

In this explanation,I will discuss a case registered at the HAL police station concerning land dealings.The primary suspect, Mr.Suresh Jain,was extensively investigated by our research team from the beginning of the incident.

We discovered that Jain was the main culprit;all documents seized from Mr.Jain’s office revealed that he had fabricated land details from various websites, generating significant amounts of money with these documents.

He presented them to numerous individuals and secured substantial investments.Ultimately,the police confiscated these documents from his office.

Subsequently,he shifted blame onto Mr. Binish Thomas, despite their involvement in numerous business dealings, including many land sales facilitated by Mr. Thomas for Jain’s company.

Mr. Thomas also resolved several issues for Jain, including a complaint filed against Suresh Jain by his daughter-in-law regarding dowry torture.

Despite the various transactions they had for other businesses, Mr. Suresh Jain manipulated the information and reported the same dealings to the officials.

Jain then resorted to underhanded tactics, such as paying online media to publish videos claiming Mr. Binish Thomas was the main perpetrator, while asserting his own innocence.

Despite his efforts to reach out to many, his reputation as an accused rapist precedes him.

Mr. Binish Thomas,formerly a secretary of the NSUI and the Youth Congress state General secretary, PCC member, INTUC DISTRICT President, legal and human rights ex president.

Mr.Suresh Jain has attempted to associate with various individuals to defame the Congress party, trying to vindicate himself.

He approached a public figure for a statement regarding the case, but they refused due to his background with the rape case and his maltreatment of his daughter-in-law over dowry issues.

Suresh Jain raped many girls,cases were filed in Vivek nagar police station and later bommananahalli,he keeps them in locked rooms owned by jain’s apartments,all these matters were reported in frontline media’s.

Furthermore,Jain attempted to bribe senior police officers to skew the case in his favor.One senior officer in Karnataka was found to be in collusion with him, which led Mr. Binish Thomas to request the case be transferred to the CCB,where manipulations continued, until finally, the case was moved to the CID.

Always Binish Thomas was the one who requested to transfer the case to CCB because he wanted the truth to come out,but Suresh Jain wants to divert others attention was going behind officials treating them in hotels wanted them to call the investigating officer and asking them to give the report favouring Jain.

Officials should not support or entertain such individuals, and all media should strive to uncover and report the actual events of the incident.