Two ERSS-112,Police personnel of Doddaballapur police station felicitated for rescuing a woman who was about to end her life at her house

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

S uperintendent of Police,Bengaluru district, Mallikarjuna Baladandi on Wednesday felicitated two police personnel personnel attached to Emergency Response Support system (ERSS-112)of Doddaballapura police station for rescuing a woman who was about to end her life in front of her minor children following a fight with her in-laws in Melekote cross January 23.

The victim after a fight with her in-laws walked out of the house along with her minor children before calling 112 to report.

Based on the report the ERSS Team comprising on police constables Abhishek and Shivaraj reached within few minutes and found the mobile phone of the complainant was switched off .

The duo with the help of control room staff managed to track down her location from the last call and started searching for her .

While passing-by a dilapidated house,the police personnel heard the cry of children and rushed and broke open the door to find the woman was hanging to the ceiling before her children.

The duo managed to cut open the rope and rescued her before rushing her to the hospital along with the children.

The woman is presently under treatment and the police are probing the case further .

Appreciating the sense of duty, the duo were feted with the letter of appreciation.