Two traffic cops caught red handed by Lokayukta officials accepting bribe of Rs.3,000 from a man for an official favour in Mandya

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

The Lokayukta officials on Saturday arrested head constable and his junior colleague red handed while accepting a bribe from a man for an official favour.

The accused Rajkumar,and Mahadev,attached to Mandya City Traffic Police had demanded Rs.8,000 from Sayyad Sadath,to release his vehicle which had been seized in an accident case .

The accused after negotiation agreed to reduce Rs.3,000 for the official favour.

Unable to pay the bribe Sadath filed a complaint with the lokayukta officials who laid a trap and arrested the accused red handed while accepting the bribe.

The duo was booked under Prevention of corruption act and taken into custody for further investigation.