Central Government’s move to ride on the State Governments in the cooperative sector is a disservice to the Constitution:Chief Minister Siddaramaiah

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

C hief Minister Siddaramaiah said that the central government’s decision to ride on the state governments in the cooperative sector is a disservice to the constitution.

He was speaking at the birth centenary programme of Sahakai Maharshi Bhau Saheb Tharot and freedom fighter Dr.Anna Saheb Shinde today.

Anti-constitutional move:

Co-operative sector comes under state jurisdiction.But it is an anti-constitutional move that the central government is trying to gain control in the cooperative sector as well.We have accepted the federal system in the country. .

Union Home Minister Amit Shah is the Cooperation Minister.So far no one has tried to oppress the state Government.

This means that central government is against cooperative principle and decentralization.He said that it is necessary and inevitable for all of us to oppose this with one voice.

The Union Government amended the APMC Act and the Agriculture Act.After the farmers of the country opposed this,the central government gave in and decided to withdraw the act.

Many decisions of the central government are against the interest of the state government.The CM lashed out that the central government is going to destroy the noble spirit of ‘All for one,one for all’ principle of cooperation.

Dr.Annasaheb Shinde:Green Revolution pioneer who achieved self-sufficiency in food :

Dr.Annasaheb Shinde was responsible for the country’s food self-sufficiency.Jawahar Lal Nehru,Lal Bahadur Shastri,Indira Gandhi,Annasaheb Shinde contributed to the green revolution.

Dr. Swaminathan,an agricultural expert,remembered the contribution of Annasaheb Shinde in his article. Congress party is responsible for food self-sufficiency of 140 crore people.

He said that we have to pay respect to Bhausaheb Thorat and Dr. Annasaheb Shinde by walking in the path laid by them.

Pro- people work:

Anna Saheb Shinde recalled that Bhau Saheb Thorat was a social worker and worked for the people throughout his life at national and state level.

BhauSaheb was called Sahakari Maharishi for the work done by him in the field of co-operation.He built and raised many cooperative societies in Sangamaner and surrounding areas.

Co-operative sector has a history of more than hundred years in our country.Bhau Saheb Thorat got the inspiration of freedom struggle from Mahatma Gandhi and also spent time in jail.

He established cooperative societies in the fields of agriculture,small industries, marketing,education, health etc.

He was once an MLA. Even though he was an MLA, he did not hesitate to speak against the government when farmers faced with problems.

Such was his concern and he would go to any extent to solve the farmers’ problems,the CM recalled.