Caste system responsible for Rich-poor devide: CM Opines”Building a wall between humans in the name of God – hatred is not acceptable to God: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah”.

Pramesh S Jain & Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

C hief Minister Siddaramaiah said that building a wall between people in the name of God and hating them is not acceptable to God.

He inaugurated the restored historic Kademalamma temple in Kalale village of Nanjangudu constituency and offered special pooja to the goddess.

“It is a great pleasure to inaugurate the Kademalamma temple.I have prayed to the goddess to shower her blessing on Kalale village.I know this town well.

It is a model village where people belonging to all religions and castes live in harmony.Caste system is responsible for Rich- poor devide;Upper-lower caste system in the society” The CM appreciated the harmonious life lead by all castes in Kalale village.

Inequality cannot be reduced unless the poor of all castes and religions are economically empowered.This is why our government has worked to empower people economically,he said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi who used to criticize our guarantee schemes is now announcing guarantees.H.D Kumaraswamy is also jealous of the guarantee schemes.

However,no matter who we are jealous,we will continue our work to empower people economically.

A society in which there is no unity cannot survive. But all the states of India have developed strong harmony. Kalale village with its historical history is also accustomed to this culture.He explained that the Laxmikanta temple fair here is historic.

God does not accept worship done without a pure mind. Only good worship of the Lord is accepted.Only selfless worship will reach God.Human beings should love human beings on the basis of humanity.Love based on caste won’t be called love for humanity,the CM said.

Strong camaraderie has developed.Kalale village with its historical history is also accustomed to this culture. He explained that the Laxmikanta temple fair here is historic.

The Chief Minister assured to fulfill all the demands made by MLA Darshan Druvanarayan for the development of Kalale village and said,May your blessings always be on Darshan Druvanarayan’

Mysore district in-charge minister Dr.HC.Mahadevappa, District MLAs,Darshan Druvanarayan,Ravishankar, Anil Chikkamaadu,Harish Gowda,Dr. Thimmaiah,former MLAs,Yatindra Siddaramaiah,Somasekhar, Kalale Kesavamurthy and many other leaders were present.