All the allegations made in the Prime Minister’s political speech are false;Those who support Congress ideology are welcome – Chief Minister Siddaramaiah

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that those who support the ideology and leadership of the Congress party will be welcomed into the party.

He was speaking at the press meet held at his home office Krishna today.

Responding to the allegation that the Congress is carrying out Operation Hastha,he said that there is no question of Operation Hastha.The current and former MLAs from BJP and JDS party will join the Congress.

Bundle of lies:

Responding to the Prime Minister’s statement in his political speech that how long will the Chief Minister remain as CM,the CM said that accusations made are full of lies.

BJP is morally bankrupt:

Responding to Prime Minister Modi targeting Karnataka during the election campaign in Madhya Pradesh,he said that the BJP has lost wherever he has campaigned.So far,the leader of Opposition has not been elected in the state.This shows that BJP has become morally bankrupt,he said.

Drought relief is not released:

Responding to the criticism made in the Prime Minister’s speech that the CM and DCM were looting the state,the CM said that the BJP government was accused of being a 40 percent commission government.Our government is investigating this matter.

Shouldn’t the Prime Minister talk about this issue? All investigative agencies are under the central government,accusations cannot be made without evidence and documents.Today the entire country’ economy is collapsing.

The central government is showing stepmotherly treatment towards our state.Drought relief has not been released to the state.

The Prime Minister had said that it is impossible to implement five guarantees in the state. But our government has achieved it.

Such statements were not expected from the Prime Minister of the country.The CM said that criticizing the state in his political speech is not a appropriate for the Prime Minister.

Breakfast Meeting on Lok Sabha Elections:

Replying to a question about the Chief Minister’s breakfast meeting held with the MLAs, he said that the meeting was held in connection with the Lok Sabha elections.

Each minister has been appointed as an observer to every district.They are also entrusted the responsibility of managing the drought situation,he said.

In response to former Chief Minister Kumaraswamy’s statement that the CM should meet the Prime Minister and release drought relief funds,the CM said that a memorandum has already been submitted to the Centre for drought relief.

However,Kumaraswamy has joined hands with the BJP. He should talk to the centre to release the compensation to the state, he said.

High Command’s Decision:

Responding to MLA Yatnal’s statement that Chief Minister will change before or after the Lok Sabha elections,the CM said that,the party high command takes decision on such issues.Those who are unable to choose the leader of the opposition has no right to speak,he said.