Actor Darshan including staffer booked after his pet dogs attacked neighbour

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar


annada Film Star Darshan was in trouble again this time the RR Nagar police filed a case against him after his pet dogs attacked a woman who was trying to park her car in a vacant site adjacent to the actor’s house on Saturday .

Based on the complaint by Amita Jindal,48,from RR Nagar the police have registered an FIR charging Darshan and his domestic help charging them under section 289 (Negligent conduct with respect to animal.) against them.

Ms.Amita in her complaint said that she had gone to attend a program in Sparsh hospital after parking her car in a vacant site next to actor’s house.

When she returned to her car after the program,she noticed three dogs belonging to darshan’s house along with a caretaker near her car.

She asked the caretaker to take away the dogs to get into the car,but the caretaker started arguing with her objecting for her to park her vehicle .

In the melee one of the dog attacked her and bit her multiple times and even tore her clothes.

She managed to escape and got treatment at the hospital before filing a complaint,

The RR Nagar police said that they will issue a notice against Darshan and his domestic help to appear before them for questioning.