Ongole Land Scam: ‘Ground Tremors’ in Prakasam Vaikapa

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

The fake document scandal that recently came to light in Ongole is causing a stir in Vaikapa. This Panchayat is affiliated to the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) at Tadepalli.

The case of fake documents reached CMO
Balineni vs. Adhisthina is the outcome
on the second day of Panchayat in CMO.


Today, Amaravati, Ongole Crime Branch, Newstoday: The fake documents scandal that came to light recently in Ongole is causing a stir in Vaikapa. This Panchayat is affiliated to the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) at Tadepalli. District Collector Dinesh Kumar and SP Malika Garg went to Tadepalli on verbal orders from CMO Additional Secretary Dhanunjay Reddy. Additional Secretary Dhanunjay Reddy and Intelligence IG Sitharamanjaneu met with the CMO. The developments in the CMO for two days became a topic of discussion. On Thursday, former minister Ongolu MLA Balineni Srinivasa Reddy spoke with Chief Minister Secretary Dhanunjaya Reddy. He asked Prakasam to tell the Collector and SP that they are not responding properly even though he told them to solve this case. It is noteworthy that Dhanunjaya Reddy called Collector Dinesh Kumar and SP Malika Garg on Friday and spoke in the presence of Baline. It is learned that Baline was asked not to continue the investigation after revealing the names of the accused. It is reported that the SP said that the policy is to reveal the details of the accused and arrest them based on the evidence found in the investigation. On this occasion, it is learned that Balineni has been accused of ‘leaking about this case to give an opportunity to the opposition to embarrass me politically’. It is learned that the SP has shown the details of the investigation done so far in collaboration with various departments in the case.

Are you taking staff.. Balineni

A statement was released from Balineni’s office on the panchayat held in CM. In that.. ‘We will solve the scandal that came to light in Ongole with the cooperation of CID. There is nothing left out of this. Dhanunjaya Reddy ordered the district officials to speed up the investigation of the case by taking the cooperation of CID if necessary. As the CM’s secretary has promised… am I taking back the surrendered security personnel?’

This is what happened…

Ongole MLA Balineni Srinivasa Reddy’s followers are criticizing the opponents of the land scam in Ongole with fake deeds and documents. He responded and asked the authorities to punish whoever is involved in this matter. He expressed his impatience that the Special Investigation Team (SIT) formed to investigate the case is not catching the real ones. To this extent, he not only wrote a letter to the DGP saying that he did not want the personal security personnel provided by the government, but also surrendered the gunmen. The police have so far arrested many people in the fake documents scam. Criticism poured in for not taking action against the two representatives of the ruling party and two other masterminds who played a key role in this matter. The Vaikapa leadership thinks that if all their names come out, they will face a difficult situation in Prakasam district. The opposition parties are suspecting that the higher officials are trying to water down the case based on their instructions. Surrendering of Balineni gunmen to the CMO of the panchayat caused a stir.

Creating controversies.. Rs. Looting crores..

After the Vaikapa government came to power, some raised the curtain on the land scam. They bought Rs.100, Rs.50 and Rs.20 stamp papers from Guntur, Chilakaluripet and other places. They prepared seals and round seals with the names of the officers. Old bond documents, fake wills, dated contracts were created. Ongole and the disputed lands in the suburbs of the city. Death certificates of land owners were created and GPA was obtained, agreements were made with old dates and those lands were dragged into disputes. By threatening the owners Rs. Crores were charged.

Scandal.. a threat to power

Crores of rupees changed hands in the scam which targeted farms, places and houses in Ongolu, Mukthinoothalapadu, Mangamuru Road, Mamidipalem, Rajivnagar, Kurnool Road, Koppolu and other areas. The investigating officers have found that several key leaders of the ruling party helped in this scam. Although 19 people have been found to be involved, the police have arrested some of them so far. These developments became politically embarrassing for Balinese.