Pawan Kalyan: Want a CM like this again?

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

There are many people who believed in Jagan saying ‘our child has gone to jail.. he is running hard’. But he also deceived such people.

All the people should think . The trusting
people were deceived. In Konaseema , there was
a rift between the castes. The house of the
own minister was burnt down .


Today, Amaravati: There are many people who believed in Jagan, saying, ‘Our child has gone to jail…he is walking hard’. But he also deceived such people. Why pity such pictures? While his father was the chief minister, he earned Rs. crores with Piravi. He wanted to become CM while standing next to his father’s dead body. Is this a monarchy? Jana Sena leader Pawan Kalyan strongly flagged that this Chief Minister beat up a police officer with tigers when he was a youth. He called upon all the people to think whether we need such a CM again.. Five people or ten people should discuss and decide logically. ‘Would it be enough for you to give 5,000 rupees and give a volunteer job? Will you stay in the villages for Rs. 5 thousand.. The IT minister has 6 thousand acres’, he said. He said that law and order is the key to the development of the state, hence the Janasena wants a crime-free Andhra Pradesh. The Jana Sena leader clarified that he will stay in the middle and change agendas only for the sake of the people. He said that his strategies are not for himself, but for the future of the state. He directed the ranks that it would be fine if the Jana Sena was given power by now, but if that was not the case, they would have to wait in harmony until it came. Pawan Kalyan spoke to the party workers at the state headquarters of Janasena in Mangalagiri on the occasion of Republic celebrations.


If we break it, we will skin it

Pawan reprimanded Minister Dharmana Prasada Rao saying that they want Uttarandhra to be a separate state and Rayalaseema to be a separate state. Baireddy Rajasekhar Reddy said the same in Rayalaseema. If someone speaks with a separatist attitude, there is no one who reacts as strongly as I do. Once again we will divide the state, which means we will take out the skin and sit down. Rayalaseema is called Rayalaseema. What did you do to Rayalaseema? Why couldn’t it be saved? Pawan Kalyan commented that many people are migrating from Seema.

I will not create quarrels between castes like this CM

Andhra Pradesh would have improved if there was a rebellion like Telangana. If there is injustice they will come to the roads. It is a fact that people of AP are not mad about caste and Andhra race. I am not a tribal person like this CM. An Indian who understands the inequalities of caste. This CM created clashes between 3 and 4 castes in Konaseema. His own minister’s house was burnt. That is why he has not gone to visit Minister Vishwarup till now. As long as this dominant tendency exists, the state will not improve. If the youth do not understand the caste wars here and do not act properly, the development will move to Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, UP and Bihar.

Not dreaming of becoming CM..

Party building is not easy. Can you bring a lakh of people to one place and convince them by telling them the policy? Neither my grandfather nor mine were Chief Ministers, and neither of our fathers were MPs. We are working hard. Party building means waiting a decade. Let’s see where it goes next. I am not dreaming of becoming Chief Minister. He will become CM only if people agree and vote. We must first think about the future of the state. Andhra Pradesh can only develop if it has strong political stability. Let us wait in harmony until the people think that it can be done by the Jana Sena and give them the power.” Pawan commented that no one has the right to criticize Sanatana Dharma. He said that it is not appropriate to criticize Hindu Gods in the name of secularism and rationalism and hurt the sentiments of people, and he will respond first if any religion insults them.

Every step is for the future of the state: Manohar

Nadendla Manohar, chairman of the political affairs committee of the party, said that Janasena does not do politics just for votes, but takes every step for the future of the state. He said that the coming year is very important. He explained that besides renewing the existing membership of 3.60 lakh people, we are going to take up a program to recruit new members and appoint lawyers on behalf of the party in each constituency.

Visakha Corporator to Janasena

GVMC 32nd Ward Independent (supporter of Vaikapa) Corporator Kandula Nagaraju along with his followers joined Jana Sena in presence of Pawan Kalyan on Thursday.