India-Canada: Controversy over the reduction of diplomats

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

India-Canada Diplomatic Row: While the differences between India and Canada over the reduction of diplomats continue.. America and Britain have reacted to these developments. It is noteworthy that these countries have made comments in support of Canada saying that India’s decision is not acceptable.


Washington: The differences between the two countries have flared up again with Canada’s announcement that it has brought back its diplomatic personnel due to India’s warnings. Recently, the United States (USA) has made key comments in response to these developments. It is noteworthy that the superpower has stated that it expects New Delhi to fulfill its obligations on diplomatic relations as per the principles of the Vienna Convention. And UK also responded to this matter.. Making comments in support of Canada has become a priority. (India-Canada Diplomatic Row)

The consequences are alarming: America

“Delhi’s demand for Canada to reduce its diplomatic staff in India. In response to that, Canada has recalled its diplomats, which is worrying. Diplomats need to be on duty to settle disputes. We have already asked Delhi not to pressure India to cut Canada’s diplomats. Moreover, we have requested India to cooperate with Canada’s investigation (in Nijjar’s murder). India must uphold its obligations under the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. They should be afforded the same privileges and diplomatic protection as accredited members of a Canadian diplomatic mission,” US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said in a statement

Accept India’s decision: UK

The British Foreign Office also responded to this matter. “We cannot accept Delhi’s decision to recall Canada’s diplomats from India. A spokesperson for the UK Foreign Office said that unilaterally lifting the diplomatic protection that protects diplomats…is not in line with the principles of the Vienna Convention.

It is known that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s comments that Indian agents are behind the killing of Khalistani terrorist Nijjar have damaged relations between the two countries. At first, America acted neutrally on this matter.. and then made many comments in support of Canada. Canada said that India should cooperate with the investigation. Recently, America’s support for Canada has become a topic of discussion even on the dispute of reduction of diplomats.

It is known that Canada announced yesterday that it has recalled 41 of its diplomatic personnel in India including their family members (42). However, Canada has argued that India’s warning of withdrawing diplomatic protection to diplomats is against international law. India responded to this. The Ministry of External Affairs of India clarified that they have taken steps to implement parity in the number of diplomatic personnel in accordance with the rules.